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GasShield® Bulk and Utility Filters

Mott High Purity Bulk and Utility Filters provide 9-log filtration of particles at 0.0015 μm resulting in particle-free gas. These bulk filters are ideally suited to the higher temperatures often encountered downstream of a purifier during heated, dry down operations.

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Product Specs

Operating Conditions

» Maximum Operating Pressure: up to 650 psig (44.8 barg)

» Maximum Operating Temperature for Inert Gas: up to 450°C

» Maximum Differential Pressure: up to 250 psid (17.2 barg)


» Hardware: 316L SS

» Filter Medium: 316L SS Fiber or Penta® Nickel

» Wetted Hardware Surface Finish: 10 Ra, Electro-polished

» Custom materials also available

Particle Removal Size: ≥ 0.0015 μm
Helium Leak Rating: 1 x 10-9 atm cc/sec
Moisture Contribution: <10 ppb after 1 hour at low-flow ambient purge per SEMI F27 test method
Total Hydrocarbons: Below detectable limits per ASTM F1398 test method
Particle Shedding: Zero particle contribution above background (<1 particle/ft³) per SEMI F43-0308 test method
Flow Data

Bulk filters with rated flows up to 170,000 SLPM are available. Consult factory or spec sheets for flow curve information.

Fittings & Dimensions

BGF-310 & BGF-315

Part Description Fitting Type A in/mm B in/mm C in/mm
2” Tube Stub 17.95/455.9 3.00/76.2 2.00/50.8
BGF-310-1.5TS-N-4M 1.5” Tube Stub 24.39/619.5 3.00/76.2 1.50/38.1
BGF-310-1TS-N-4M 1” Tube Stub 25.17/639.3 3.00/76.2 1.00/25.4
BGF-315-2TS-N-6M 2” Tube Stub 22.98/583.7 3.00/76.2 2.00/50.8
BGF-315-1.5TS-N-6M 1.5” Tube Stub 29.42/747.3 3.00/76.2 1.50/38.1
BGF-315H-40A5S-N-15M JIS40A5S 21.26/540.0 3.00/76.2 1.91/48.5



Part Description Fitting Type A in/mm B in/mm C in/mm
4” Tube Stub 18.40/467.4 6.00/152.4 4.00/101.6
BGF-610-2TS-N-19M 2” Tube Stub 24.86/631.4 6.00/152.4 2.00/50.8
BGF-610-1.5TS-N-19M 1.5” Tube Stub 24.86/631.4 6.00/152.4 1.50/38.1
BGF-610-1TS-N-19M 1” Tube Stub 24.86/631.4 6.00/152.4 1.00/25.4



Part Description Fitting Type A in/mm B in/mm C in/mm
6” Tube Stub 28.81/731.8 6.00/152.4 6.00/152.4
4” Tube Stub 23.41/594.6 6.00/152.4 4.00/101.6
2” Tube Stub 29.89/759.2 6.00/152.4 2.00/50.8



Part Description Fitting Type A in/mm B in/mm C in/mm
BGF-815HF-6TS-N-170M 6” Tube Stub 22.81/579.3 8.63/219.0 6.00/152.4



Part Description Fitting Type A in/mm B in/mm C in/mm
BGF12P23-150A5S-F-175M JIS150A5S 39.40/1000.6 12.75/323.9 6.50/165.1

*Custom designs and fittings available.

Our Design Capabilities

  • Flow/pressure drop curves and filtration efficiency for virtually any system design
  • Gas compatibility considerations
  • Custom filter media, pressure vessel, and fitting material and configurations available

Relevant Services

Design Expertise – From start to finish, we customize solutions based on your design parameters – challenge us!

Quality Certifications – Need markings to show conformity to health, safety, and environmental protection standards like CE marking?  We can handle that.

Extensive Partner Network – If a material is not listed or capability not in-house, we maintain an extensive network of partners for new material procurement, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and validation testing.

Engineering Support – Utilize our project engineers to consult about your process and select the right bulk & utility filter for your application.