Mott High Purity Bulk and Utility Filters

Mott High Purity Bulk and Utility Filters provide 9-log filtration of particles at 0.0015 μm resulting in particle-free gas. These bulk filters are ideally suited to the higher temperatures often encountered downstream of a purifier during heated, dry down operations.

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Product Specs

Operating Conditions

» Maximum Operating Pressure: up to 650 psig (44.8 barg)

» Maximum Operating Temperature for Inert Gas: up to 450°C

» Maximum Differential Pressure: up to 250 psid (17.2 barg)


» Hardware: 316L SS

» Filter Medium: 316L SS Fiber or Penta® Nickel

» Wetted Hardware Surface Finish: 10 Ra

» Custom materials also available

Particle Removal Size: ≥ 0.0015 μm
Helium Leak Rating: 1 x 10-9 atm cc/sec
Moisture Contribution: <10 ppb after 1 hour at low-flow ambient purge per SEMI F27 test method
Total Hydrocarbons: Below detectable limits per ASTM F1398 test method
Particle Shedding: Zero particle contribution above background (<1 particle/ft³) per SEMI F43-0308 test method
Flow Data

Bulk filters with rated flows up to 170,000 SLPM are available. Consult factory or spec sheets for flow curve information.

Fittings & Dimensions

BGF-310 & BGF-315

Part Description Fitting Type A in/mm B in/mm C in/mm
2” Tube Stub 17.95/455.9 3.00/76.2 2.00/50.8
BGF-310-1.5TS-N-4M 1.5” Tube Stub 24.39/619.5 3.00/76.2 1.50/38.1
BGF-310-1TS-N-4M 1” Tube Stub 25.17/639.3 3.00/76.2 1.00/25.4
BGF-315-2TS-N-6M 2” Tube Stub 22.98/583.7 3.00/76.2 2.00/50.8
BGF-315-1.5TS-N-6M 1.5” Tube Stub 29.42/747.3 3.00/76.2 1.50/38.1
BGF-315H-40A5S-N-15M JIS40A5S 21.26/540.0 3.00/76.2 1.91/48.5



Part Description Fitting Type A in/mm B in/mm C in/mm
4” Tube Stub 18.40/467.4 6.00/152.4 4.00/101.6
BGF-610-2TS-N-19M 2” Tube Stub 24.86/631.4 6.00/152.4 2.00/50.8
BGF-610-1.5TS-N-19M 1.5” Tube Stub 24.86/631.4 6.00/152.4 1.50/38.1
BGF-610-1TS-N-19M 1” Tube Stub 24.86/631.4 6.00/152.4 1.00/25.4



Part Description Fitting Type A in/mm B in/mm C in/mm
6” Tube Stub 28.81/731.8 6.00/152.4 6.00/152.4
4” Tube Stub 23.41/594.6 6.00/152.4 4.00/101.6
2” Tube Stub 29.89/759.2 6.00/152.4 2.00/50.8



Part Description Fitting Type A in/mm B in/mm C in/mm
BGF-815HF-6TS-N-170M 6” Tube Stub 22.81/579.3 8.63/219.0 6.00/152.4



Part Description Fitting Type A in/mm B in/mm C in/mm
BGF12P23-150A5S-F-175M JIS150A5S 39.40/1000.6 12.75/323.9 6.50/165.1

*Custom designs and fittings available.

Our Design Capabilities

  • Flow/pressure drop curves and filtration efficiency for virtually any system design
  • Gas compatibility considerations
  • Custom filter media, pressure vessel, and fitting material and configurations available


Relevant Services

Design ExpertiseFrom start to finish, we customize bulk filter solutions based on your design parameters. Challenge us!

Quality CertificationsNeed markings for conformity to health, safety, and environmental standards like CE? We’ve got you covered.

Extensive Partner Network – If a bulk filter material isn’t listed or a capability isn’t in-house, we have an extensive network of partners for material procurement, advanced manufacturing, and validation testing.

Engineering Support – Our project engineers are on hand to consult about your process and help you select the ideal bulk & utility filter for your application.

FAQs: Bulk Gas Filters & Filtration

Q: What is a bulk filter in the context of ultra-high purity applications?

A: A bulk filter is a specialized filtration device designed to handle large volumes of gas, ensuring the removal of contaminants and impurities, especially in ultra-high purity applications like semiconductor manufacturing.

Q: How does Mott’s bulk filter ensure 9-log filtration?

A: Mott’s bulk filters are engineered with advanced porous metal technology, allowing them to achieve 9-log filtration. Mott filters are manufactured to the highest quality and the highest precision porosity in the market. This ensures that the gas passing through is of the highest purity, free from particles and contaminants.

Q: Are Mott’s bulk filters compatible with various semiconductor process gases?

A: Yes, Mott’s bulk filters are designed to be compatible with all high purity semiconductor process gases, ensuring versatility and reliability in a range of challenging applications. Mott filters are used in the most challenging chip manufacturing process, including advanced node technologies < 7nm.

Q: How do Mott’s bulk filters contribute to faster “dry down” times?

A: Mott’s bulk filters are crafted with materials and designs that allow for quick “dry down,” meaning they achieve optimal performance in minutes rather than hours, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Q: Can Mott’s bulk filters handle corrosive gases?

A: Absolutely. Mott’s bulk filters are available in various materials, including Stainless Steel, Hastelloy®, and Penta® Nickel, making them suitable for handling a range of gases, including corrosive ones.