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Fuel Cells

Mott works with multiple fuel cell manufacturers to achieve optimal mass transfer, ohmic resistance, and activation polarization from their gas diffusion layers.  We customize our porous metal sheet to various thicknesses and porosity to deliver the best results in terms of permeability and conductivity.  Titanium is available for typical fuel cell applications.  430 stainless steel and nickel 200 are available for solid oxide fuel cells.  Specialty alloys, such as niobium and zirconium, can be used for aerospace applications.

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Typical Applications:

  • Hydrogen Generation
  • On-site Gas Generation
  • Hydrogen Storage

Gas Diffusion Layers

Mott porous metal gas diffusion layers are the leading choice for high performance electrolyzer and fuel cell applications.

Titanium Sheet Quality Standards

Mott employs the most stringent criteria for its ultra-thin titanium sheet used in various sustainability and alternate energy applications.

Lab & Engineering Services

Discover our entire range of services, including rapid prototyping, filter feasibility, media characterization and more.

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