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Implantable Device

Biopsy Site Markers and Flow Control Elements for Implantable Devices. Mott works with medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to provide lifesaving treatment solutions for patients suffering from chronic and acute diseases. From biopsy site markers for radiation therapy to low flow, controlled release elements for implantable drug devices, Mott works with scientists and engineers to design and manufacture reliable parts that improve patient comfort, patient compliance, and increase treatment efficacy. Mott’s experience in flow control and materials science ensures part performance and bio-inertness to mitigate host rejection.

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Typical Applications:

  • Subcutaneous drug delivery
  • Implantable devices
  • Biomarkers

Ultra Low Flow Drug Delivery

Sintered porous metal for use in sustained release of therapeutic agents to optimize patient outcomes. Ultra low flow drug delivery device components.

Implantable Controlled Release Drug Delivery Testing

Let Mott conduct your initial drug diffusion feasibility studies to guide the design criteria for your next generation controlled release drug delivery technology.

Lab & Engineering Services

Rapid Prototyping, SEM/EDS Analysis, Cleanliness Testing, Quantitative Chemical Analysis, Filtration Performance and Feasibility Testing, Mechanical Properties Testing, Media Characterization, Failure Analysis and Lifecycle Testing, Metallography

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Overview brochures on Mott markets served, applications, products, materials, and engineering capabilities