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Our engineers and porous technologies have helped customers solve difficult technical problems over the past 60 years. If you don’t find what you need by browsing our products, feel free to contact us directly to inquire about customized components developed in our Customer Innovation Center. Our project teams are eager to work with you.

  • Process Filters, Skids & Elements
  • Ultra High Purity Products
  • Filter Assemblies & Porous Components
  • Frit Assemblies & Lab Filters
  • Flow Restrictors
  • Spargers
  • Gas Diffusers
  • Flame Arrestors
  • Wicks
  • 3D Printed Products
  • Mixers
  • Thermal Management
  • Fluidizers & Snubbers

Our Design Process

  • Idea
  • Design
  • Prototype
  • Analysis
  • Production
  • Optimization


Engineers and scientists are always breaking new technology barriers. But getting an innovative idea off the ground takes the right partner. Our applications and design engineering teams work with you to understand exactly what you’re looking to achieve.


When your specifications are clarified, our design team gets to work. Finding innovative ways to achieve breakthrough performance requires a balance of creativity and modeling simulation. Collaborating engineer to engineer is our norm as we iron out the details.


We aim to build prototypes FAST at our Innovation Center! Your design is brought to reality for the first time. Here you can take advantage of our rapid prototyping capability and extensive network of manufacturing and material partners to know its built right to even the toughest specifications.


Prototypes are only half the equation – they need PROOF! Your products are verified and tested in our extensive Lab Facilities located in our Customer Innovation Center. Rigorous analysis and simulation testing verifies performance is met with a data package for your review.


Once your design is approved and you’re confident the product meets your customer’s needs, we’ll lock in specifications and manufacturing processes to proceed to production. The formal transfer process from a few prototypes to high volume production is seamless and give you peace of mind. We strive for 100% on time delivery at lead times 3X faster than industry norms. Our ironclad quality is 100% guaranteed.


The world is constantly changing.  Keep pace with your customers with additional features or new levels of performance.  We’re here to optimize performance even further and achieve new levels of efficiency.  Even before your product reaches its ramped potential we’re ready to engage on the next design and future improvements.