Bioprocessing Equipment

Mott is your partner for bioprocessing equipment, offering custom-designed sparging, mixing, and filtration solutions. Our bioprocessing solutions are engineered to create ideal conditions, resulting in higher yield, product consistency, and purity. We prioritize efficiency, enhancing gas transfer to accelerate cell proliferation while minimizing gas consumption. This not only leads to faster product synthesis but also reduces pH monitoring hysteresis for more precise environmental control.

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Typical Applications:

  • Biotherapeutics and Biosimilars Production

Biofermentation Sparger

Mott biofermentation spargers are designed for optimal gas-to-liquid contacting, which results in increased gas absorption, improved throughput, and lower gas and energy costs.

Biofermentation Sparging Whitepaper

Mott's porous metal sparging system not only achieved greater O2 absorption with less agitation, but it also resulted in faster O2 absorption, significantly reducing process time.

Bioprocessing Mixers

Mott's inline static mixers are proven to be more efficient at lower dwell volumes for faster throughput in HPLC drug discovery efforts.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Services

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling is an excellent service to accelerate product development. It allows for cost-effective equipment sizing and identification of optimal operational parameters.

Vent Filters

Mott all-metal 316L SS or Nickel alloy filter cartridges are safer and last longer in biotech environments with high temperatures and oxidation stress.

Enhancing Yield and Purity in Bioprocessing

Bioprocessing equipment comprises a range of specialized tools and vessels used in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to cultivate, process, and optimize biological materials such as cells, tissues, and proteins. These systems play a pivotal role in the production of life-saving drugs, vaccines, and biopharmaceuticals. Mott stands out as a leader in the field of bioprocessing equipment due to its commitment to precision engineering and customization. Mott’s solutions are designed to create and maintain optimal environmental conditions for biological processes, resulting in higher yields, product consistency, and purity. With a focus on efficiency and accuracy, Mott’s bioprocessing equipment enables faster cell proliferation, reduced gas consumption, and more precise environmental monitoring, ensuring the highest quality end products in the biopharmaceutical industry.

FAQs: Bioprocessing Equipment

Q: What is bioprocessing equipment, and why is it important in the biopharmaceutical industry?

A: Bioprocessing equipment refers to a range of specialized devices used in the biopharmaceutical industry to cultivate, process, and purify biological products like vaccines, antibodies, and proteins. It plays a crucial role in ensuring product consistency, purity, and yield, which are paramount in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Q: How does Mott’s bioprocessing equipment contribute to improved biopharmaceutical production?

A: Mott’s bioprocessing equipment is designed to optimize environmental conditions for cell proliferation and product synthesis. It enhances gas transfer efficiency, reduces pH monitoring hysteresis, and accelerates product synthesis, leading to higher yields, greater consistency, and increased purity.

Q: Can Mott customize bioprocessing equipment to meet specific biopharmaceutical production needs?

A: Yes, Mott offers custom bioprocessing equipment solutions tailored to the unique requirements of individual biopharmaceutical processes. Our engineering expertise allows us to design and manufacture equipment that precisely meets your needs.

Q: What sets Mott apart in the field of bioprocessing equipment?

A: Mott is recognized for its precision engineering and commitment to optimizing bioprocessing environments. Our equipment is designed to deliver superior performance, efficiency, and reliability, making us a trusted partner in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Q: How does efficient gas transfer impact bioprocessing outcomes, and how does Mott address this?

A: Efficient gas transfer is crucial for accelerating cell growth and product synthesis in bioprocessing. Mott’s bioprocessing equipment is engineered to maximize gas transfer efficiency, resulting in faster cell proliferation, reduced gas consumption, and improved product yield.