Industrial Gas Flow Restrictors

Porous metal is an ideal media for flow control because it provides consistent, laminar flow even in the most challenging process conditions. Compared to flow orifices, porous metal does not clog or exhibit turbulent flow issues because the fluid passes through thousands of tiny pores rather than one flow channel. You’ll find our porous metal flow restrictors in a multitude of critical applications, such as anesthesia equipment, ventilators, ion propulsion systems in satellites, and semiconductor FAB facilities.

Understanding Gas Flow Restrictors in Critical Applications

Gas flow restrictors, such as those produced by Mott, are essential components in managing and controlling the flow of gases in various critical applications. These devices ensure precise control over gas flow, making them indispensable in industries that require meticulous flow management. By utilizing a porous metal design, Mott’s gas flow restrictors provide superior reliability and performance, reducing the risk of clogging and ensuring consistent flow under challenging conditions. They are widely used in applications ranging from medical devices, such as ventilators, to advanced technology in aerospace, highlighting their versatility and importance in ensuring operational safety and efficiency.