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Commercial Aircraft

Our porous filtration and flow assemblies are used in aircraft subsystems all over the world. Aerospace designers rely on Mott to provide critical precision filtration and fluid management products to protect sensitive systems – and do so at minimal weight and size.  Often Mott filter products are the last line of defense from harmful particulate.  Additionally, innovate designs allow for tight tolerances and ease of preventative maintenance, available in virtually any material option available.

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Typical Applications:

  • Fuses & Safety Armaments
  • Advanced Missile Systems
  • Advanced Thermal Management

Flow Restrictors

Mott is the expert in customized fluid control devices and works extensively with design engineers throughout every industry. Our products replace the drilled orifice, capillary tubing and needle valves that wear over time and provide inconsistent results.

3D Printed Porous Metal Products

We can help you create custom parts with features and performance never before available

Additive Manufacturing Overview

Our additive manufacturing can provide you with the most uniform porosity and unique geometries for your application.