Fluidizers & Snubbers

Porous metal products, renowned for their exceptional sound dampening and reduction qualities, are the ideal choice for applications such as silencers or snubbers, especially when it comes to protecting sensitive sensors. The unique porous structure of Mott’s porous metal solutions effectively absorbs and dissipates sound waves, ensuring a quieter and more controlled environment.

Mott’s porous metal fluidizers offer an unmatched solution for material transfer and transport applications that demand a combination of strength, high-temperature tolerance, durability, permeability, and chemical compatibility. Whether it’s handling abrasive materials or operating in extreme conditions, Mott’s fluidizers are engineered to excel, providing reliable and efficient performance in challenging industrial processes.

What are Fluidizers & Snubbers?

Fluidizers and snubbers are vital components in industries requiring precise control over material transfer, flow, and sensor protection. Mott’s innovative fluidizers, designed with porous metal technology, ensure efficient and reliable material transport, even in demanding conditions. These fluidizers offer a unique combination of strength, high-temperature tolerance, durability, and chemical compatibility, making them the preferred choice for industries like pharmaceuticals, food processing, and chemical manufacturing.

On the other hand, Mott’s snubbers, also utilizing porous metal properties, excel in sound dampening and reduction. These devices are essential for creating quieter and controlled environments, especially when it comes to safeguarding sensitive sensors and equipment. Whether you require seamless material transfer or enhanced sensor protection, Mott’s fluidizers and snubbers are engineered to optimize performance, ensuring precision and efficiency in your industrial processes.