Diagnostic IVD Instruments

Mott is a leading provider of high-quality porous products designed to enhance sample preparation and ensure efficient buffer and reagent delivery in a wide range of IVD instruments. Our filters and flow control elements are integral components in IVD devices, particularly in the field of clinical chemistry and immunoassay devices.

These critical components play a pivotal role in maintaining precise flow control, preventing clogs, and minimizing high backpressure issues in air-driven pumping systems. Additionally, our innovative static mixing devices are seamlessly integrated into IVD instruments, enabling more efficient flow chemistry reactions and significantly reducing turnaround times for crucial diagnostic processes. 

Trust Mott for reliable solutions that optimize the performance of your IVD instruments.

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Typical Applications:

  • Clinical HPLC
  • Microfluidics Devices
  • Immunoassays
  • Flow Cytometry

Flow Restrictors

Our customized fluid control devices replace drilled orifice, capillary tubing and needle valves. OEM porous metal flow restrictors accommodate virtually any gas flow requirement.

Column Frits

PerfectPeak® frits are available in many standard sizes or can be specially designed to accommodate any custom filter or column application.

Gradient Mixer Overview

Find performance and specifications of Mott PerfectPeak® HPLC gradient mixers.

HPLC Mixer Whitepaper

Mott’s inline static mixer meets the exacting demands of high performance liquid chromatography and ultra‐high performance liquid chromatography systems.

Precision Components for IVD Instruments

In vitro diagnostic (IVD) instruments are essential medical devices used for performing various diagnostic tests and analyzing clinical samples such as blood, urine, and tissues outside the human body. These instruments are vital for diagnosing diseases, monitoring health conditions, and providing valuable insights for medical decision-making. IVD instruments are pivotal in healthcare settings, research laboratories, and diagnostic facilities, contributing to early disease detection, treatment monitoring, and patient care.

Mott stands out as a leader in providing the best solutions for IVD instruments due to its unwavering commitment to precision and reliability. Our porous products, including filters and flow control elements, play a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of diagnostic processes. With a strong focus on innovation, Mott continually develops and customizes porous components to meet the unique needs of IVD instruments, contributing to faster and more accurate diagnostic results. Our dedication to quality and excellence makes us the preferred choice for enhancing the performance and reliability of IVD instruments in the medical and healthcare industries.

FAQs: IVD Instruments

Q: What are IVD instruments?

A: IVD stands for In Vitro Diagnostics. IVD instruments are medical devices used for the analysis of biological specimens, such as blood or urine, in a controlled environment outside the human body. These instruments play a crucial role in diagnosing various diseases and conditions, monitoring health markers, and conducting research.

Q: How does Mott’s porous technology contribute to IVD instruments?

A: Mott’s porous products are integral components in IVD instruments. They are used for filtration, flow control, and fluid handling, ensuring precise and reliable sample preparation, reagent delivery, and analysis. Our porous components help maintain consistent fluid flow, prevent clogs, and enable efficient reactions, ultimately enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of IVD processes.

Q: Why are reliable components important in IVD instruments?

A: Reliable components are essential in IVD instruments because accuracy and consistency in sample preparation and analysis are critical for making informed medical decisions. Any inconsistencies or failures in components can lead to inaccurate test results, potentially affecting patient diagnosis and treatment.

Q: How does Mott ensure the quality of its porous components for IVD instruments?

A: Mott has a strong commitment to quality and uses advanced manufacturing processes and materials to produce high-precision porous components. Our components undergo rigorous testing and quality control to meet the strict requirements of IVD applications, ensuring they perform consistently and reliably.

Q: Can Mott provide customized porous components for specific IVD instrument needs?

A: Yes, Mott specializes in customizing porous components to meet the specific requirements of IVD instrument manufacturers. We work closely with our clients to design and produce tailored solutions that optimize the performance of their diagnostic instruments.