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Catalyst Recovery

Process filters used to capture 99.9% of catalysts in various chemical processes. Mott’s 3 liquid filter technologies are specifically designed to capture 99+% catalyst either for recycling or reclamation while achieving excellent filtrate quality.   The Mott HyPulse® LSI can be designed for a variety of clean in place backwashes ranging from discharge of an approximate 15 wt. % slurry to an approximate 50 wt.% wet cake.  For applications with significant submicron particles, the HyPulse® LSX cross flow filter achieves less than 50 ppm filtrate quality without worry of blinding media with small catalyst particles.  For applications with dense particles such as Raney Nickel, the HyPulse® LSM gives the best of both worlds, allowing for a configurable filtration and backwash operation while taking advantage of the natural high particle density with gravity settling, handling high solids loading streams.  All three technologies are designed to specific process conditions, can handle operating temperatures up to 1700°F, high operating pressure and challenging corrosive environments.

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  • Palladium Recovery
  • Platinum Recovery
  • Rhodium Recovery
  • Nickel Recovery

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