Mott designs fluid control solutions for the most advanced weapon systems in the world.  The defense industry is constantly planning and preparing to protect against new threats.  That’s why Mott proactively designs products to accommodate requirements of the future where high-temperature, refractory alloys and advanced coatings for fluidic components are required.  We design advanced thermal management and coolant recovery systems using our state-of-the-art phase separation technology.  And, our unique fluid modeling capabilities enable us to design solutions for micro-gravity applications.

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Typical Applications:

  • Fuses & Safety Armaments
  • Advanced Missile Systems
  • Advanced Thermal Management
  • Hydraulic Assemblies
  • Last Chance Filters

Porous Metal Overview

Check out the features and benefits of Mott sintered porous metal media that delivers uniform porosity for superb filtration efficiency and structural integrity.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Services

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling is an excellent service to accelerate product development. It allows for cost-effective equipment sizing and identification of optimal operational parameters.

Additive Manufacturing Overview

Our additive manufacturing capabilities provide the most uniform porosity and unique geometries for your application.