Point-of-Care Devices

Mott makes filters and flow control elements for point-of-care devices used for rapid results in non-laboratory environments. These components are small, require no power source, and are easily serviced by non-technical personnel.

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Typical Applications:

  • Clinical HPLC
  • Microfluidic Devices
  • Lab-On-A-Chip Technology
  • Immunoassays
  • Flow Cytometry

Flow Restrictors

Our customized fluid control devices replace drilled orifice, capillary tubing and needle valves. OEM porous metal flow restrictors accommodate virtually any gas flow requirement.

Column Frits

PerfectPeak® frits are available in many standard sizes or can be specially designed to accommodate any custom filter or column application.

Gradient Mixer Overview

Find performance and specifications of Mott PerfectPeak HPLC gradient mixers.

Lab and Engineering Services

Discover our entire range of services, including rapid prototyping, filter feasibility, media characterization and more.