HPLC Gradient Static Mixers

PerfectPeak® HPLC gradient static mixers, renowned for their superior performance, offer more efficient mixing for faster runs when compared to standard HPLC mixers. The 3D printed internal structure of these static mixers introduces unique micro and macro mixing mechanisms, significantly enhancing mixing efficiency while minimizing dwell volume. PerfectPeak gradient static mixers can seamlessly integrate into all liquid chromatography systems and are available with a variety of options to suit your specific needs. Additionally, custom static mixer designs are available to address unique mixing or dwell volume requirements. Choose from 25µl, 50 µl, 100 µl, or 150 µl options to optimize your chromatographic processes.

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Literature & Data Sheets

Typical Applications

  • HPLC
  • Ion-Chromatography

Gradient Mixers

Overview of performance and specification information of PerfectPeak HPLC Gradient Mixers

Mott HPLC Mixers Whitepaper

Read our whitepaper about our mixers performance in various HPLC tests.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Services

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling is an excellent service to accelerate product development. It allows for cost-effective equipment sizing and identification of optimal operational parameters.

Product Specs

Internal Volume

MIXER25: 25µl

MIXER50: 50 µl

MIXER100: 100 µl

MIXER150: 150 µl

Material of Construction

Passivated 316(L) SS

Pressure Rating

20,000 PSIG / 1379 bar

Connection Type

Female Compression

Connection Size

1/16” / 1.59 mm Tube


Custom connections are available upon request

Our Design Capabilities

Custom static mixers designs are available to cater to your unique mixing or dwell volume requirements. We offer a variety of different materials, including PEEK, that can be utilized for development.

Relevant Services

Lab Testing – If you need data packages or feasibility testing for your static mixers prior to installation, we’re happy to work with you. We’ll use our lab center to perform various characterization and performance tests to ensure your static mixers are meeting strict specifications.

Computational Fluid Dynamics – If you would like to model your process fluids’ interaction with a Mott static mixer part, ask your Mott representative how we can use CFD software.

Engineering Memberships – If you’re constantly working on complex designs that require the highest standards of engineering support, ask about our membership rates, which allow you discounted rates to various lab testing, prototyping, and engineering resources for your static mixers projects.

What are static mixers?

Static mixers are innovative devices designed for precise and efficient mixing of fluids in various industrial processes. Mott’s static mixers are engineered to excel in applications like high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and chemical processing, where consistent and thorough mixing is critical. These mixers employ advanced 3D printing technology to create intricate internal structures that enhance mixing efficiency while minimizing dwell volume. Whether you need to optimize gradient mixing in HPLC or improve chemical reactions in your processes, Mott’s static mixers offer a reliable and tailored solution to elevate your fluid mixing capabilities.

FAQs: Static Mixers

Q: What are static mixers?

A: Static mixers are specialized devices used in various industries to efficiently blend and mix fluids without the need for moving parts. They rely on a stationary arrangement of elements within the mixer to create turbulence and promote thorough mixing.

Q: How do static mixers work?

A: Static mixers operate by splitting, redirecting, and recombining fluid streams through a series of stationary elements, such as baffles or twisted blades. This process creates turbulence and ensures that different components are mixed thoroughly as they pass through the mixer.

Q: Where are static mixers commonly used?

A: Static mixers find applications in industries like chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, and food production. They are used for tasks such as blending chemicals, dispersing additives, and ensuring uniform mixing in various processes.

Q: What are the advantages of using Mott’s static mixers?

A: Mott’s static mixers offer superior mixing efficiency, reduced dwell volume, and precise control in critical applications like high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and chemical processing. Their 3D printed internal structures optimize mixing performance, making them an ideal choice for industries where precise fluid mixing is essential.