Column Frits

Mott’s porous chromatography column frits play a pivotal role in High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) columns by effectively retaining the packing media and ensuring a consistent sample flow with minimal hold-up volume. These specialized frits are engineered to withstand not only high pressures but also the most corrosive chemicals, making them ideal for demanding chromatographic applications. Additionally, Mott offers bio-inert column frit options, further expanding the versatility of these crucial components for a wide range of chromatography needs.

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Literature & Data Sheets

PerfectPeak® Column Frits

PerfectPeak® Filter and Column Frits offer a wide variety of options and additional benefits to produce the most optimal results in your system.

Porous Metal Overview

Check out the features and benefits of Mott sintered porous metal media that delivers uniform porosity for superb filtration efficiency and structural integrity.

Frits in Liquid Chromatography

Mott’s pressed and sintered porous metal frits are used in liquid chromatography columns to filter microbial and inorganic contaminants.

Product Specs

  • Unidense – Uniform flow across the entire column
  • Dual Density – Limit flow to the interior region of the frit and reduce dead volume
  • Concave – Enhance flow uniformity without the need for a flow distribution plate
  • Diameter – Standard disc diameters available from 0.062” to 0.750”
  • Thickness – Standard thicknesses of 0.028” and 0.062”


Pore Size
• 0.2, 0.5, and 2 µm – Standard option for HPLC/UHPLC filtration
• 2, 5, 10, and 20 µm – Standard options for semi-prep filtration


• 316L SS – Standard HPLC/UHPLC applications
• Titanium – Bio-inert applications
• Hastelloy® – Bio-inert applications with corrosive solvents


Sealing Material
• Metal – Robust sealing surface that can withstand harsh environments
• PEEK – For most bio-inert applications requiring standard sealing
• PTFE – Economical solution for frits requiring the most bio-inert of materials


Assembly Method
• Press Fitting – Standard assembly method for all frits
• Sinter Bonding – For ultimate durability (only available for metal sealing materials)


Our Design Capabilities

Mott can also design and manufacture 3D printed metal column frits with a tight pore size distribution, reaching as low as a 2 µm nominal pore size, and employ solid-to-porous metal printing techniques to eliminate the need for press fit sealing rings.

Relevant Services

Engineering Support – Utilize our expert engineers to consult your process and design the right frit for your column specifications.

What are Column Frits

For those less acquainted with column frits, it’s essential to recognize their critical role in chromatography. Mott’s Column Frits are specialized components used in High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) columns to retain the packing media and ensure a uniform flow of samples with minimal hold-up volume. These frits are designed to withstand high pressures and corrosive chemicals, making them integral for precise chromatographic separations. With options like tight pore size distributions down to 2 µm and innovative solid-to-porous metal printing techniques, Mott’s Column Frits offer a versatile solution for chromatography applications, delivering consistent and reliable results.

FAQs: Column Frits

Q: What is a Column Frit in Chromatography?

A: A Column Frit is a specialized component used in High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) columns. It serves the crucial function of retaining the packing media within the column while ensuring a consistent and uniform flow of samples through the column. Column frits minimize hold-up volume and play a pivotal role in achieving precise chromatographic separations.

Q: Why are Column Frits important in chromatography?

A: Column Frits are essential in chromatography because they contribute to the efficiency and reliability of the chromatographic process. They help maintain the integrity of the packed column, prevent sample dispersion, and enable accurate separation of components. Column frits are particularly valuable in applications where high pressures and corrosive chemicals are involved.

Q: What makes Mott’s Column Frits unique?

A: Mott’s Column Frits stand out due to their high-quality design and construction. They are engineered to withstand extreme conditions, including high pressures and corrosive chemicals. Additionally, Mott offers Column Frits with tight pore size distributions as small as 2 µm and employs solid-to-porous metal printing techniques to eliminate the need for press fit sealing rings, ensuring precise and reliable chromatography results.

Q: Can Mott provide customized Column Frit solutions?

A: Yes, Mott specializes in offering custom Column Frit solutions to meet specific chromatography requirements. Whether you need tailored pore size distributions or other unique specifications, please contact us directly, and our team will collaborate with you to develop the right Column Frit solution for your chromatographic needs.