Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Mott’s inertial gas sampling (IGS) filters play a vital role in safeguarding sensitive continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) instruments by effectively capturing gas particles in gas stacks. These durable filters ensure reliable filtration performance, even in the most extreme and high-temperature processes common in continuous emissions monitoring. Mott offers versatile IGS filter configurations designed to seamlessly integrate with a diverse range of CEM systems, providing optimal protection for your instruments.

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Typical Applications:

  • Filtration of Particles from Gas Stacks

IGS Filter Overview

Inertial Gas Sampling (IGS) filters collect particle-free samples from virtually any gas stream, particularly those operating at high temperatures, or which are heavily contaminated.

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Reliable Filtration Solutions for Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) is a critical practice in industries that emit pollutants into the atmosphere, such as power plants, chemical facilities, and refineries. It involves the real-time measurement and reporting of emissions to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and standards. Accurate CEM is essential to reduce environmental impact, mitigate health risks, and avoid costly penalties.

Mott stands out as the preferred choice for CEM component solutions due to its expertise in producing high-performance filtration products designed to withstand the extreme conditions present in emissions monitoring processes. Mott’s inertial gas sampling (IGS) filters, in particular, excel in capturing gas particles and ensuring reliable, long-lasting filtration performance. With a commitment to precision and durability, Mott’s components enhance the accuracy and efficiency of CEM systems, helping industries meet emissions control requirements effectively.

FAQs: Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Q: What is Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM)?

A: Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) is a process used to continuously measure and record emissions of pollutants from industrial processes and stacks. It helps organizations comply with environmental regulations and track their emissions over time.

Q: Why is accurate filtration important in CEM?

A: Accurate filtration is crucial in CEM because it ensures that gas samples collected for analysis are free from contaminants, particles, and impurities that could skew emission measurements. Reliable filtration is essential for obtaining accurate and representative emission data.

Q: How do Mott’s Inertial Gas Sampling (IGS) filters enhance CEM?

A: Mott’s IGS filters are designed to protect downstream instruments from gas particles in gas stacks. They provide consistent filtration performance, even in high-temperature and intense processes. Using Mott’s IGS filters enhances the reliability and accuracy of continuous emissions monitoring.

Q: Are Mott’s IGS filters compatible with different CEM setups?

A: Yes, Mott offers IGS filters in various configurations to ensure compatibility with a wide range of Continuous Emissions Monitoring setups. These filters can be customized to meet specific requirements.

Q: What benefits does Mott provide for CEM applications?

A: Mott offers durable and high-performance filtration solutions tailored for CEM applications. Our expertise in filtration technology, combined with our range of configurable filters, ensures that organizations can achieve precise and compliant emissions monitoring.