Bioprocessing Flow Reactors

Mott’s cutting-edge and customizable 3D printed flow reactor static mixers stand out as pioneers in the field, boasting up to 3x higher efficiency, reduced residence time, and internal volume when compared to conventional helical static mixers. In the realm of bioprocessing and pharmaceutical applications, these flow reactor mixers are revolutionizing the industry. Utilizing the synergy of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and a wide range of metal and polymer material options, our products not only optimize mixing performance but also guarantee compatibility with the intricate demands of unique biopharma applications. With Mott’s flow reactors, you can expect enhanced efficiency, precision, and adaptability, redefining the standards for fluid processing in the pharmaceutical sector.

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Typical Applications

  • Bioprocessing
  • Flow Chemistry

PerfectPeak® Mixers

Overview and specifications of Mott mixer products

Computational Fluid Dynamics Services

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling is an excellent service to accelerate product development. It allows for cost-effective equipment sizing and identification of optimal operational parameters.

Lab and Engineering Services

Discover our entire range of services, including rapid prototyping, filter feasibility, media characterization and more.

Product Specs

Internal Volume

MIXER25: 25µl

MIXER50: 50 µl

MIXER100: 100 µl

MIXER150: 150 µl

Material of Construction

Passivated 316(L) SS

Pressure Rating

20,000 PSIG / 1379 bar

Connection Type

Female Compression

Connection Size

1/16” / 1.59 mm Tube


Custom connections are available upon request

Our Design Capabilities

Custom flow reactor designs are available to cater to your specific mixing or dwell volume requirements. We offer a wide range of unique alloys, including PEEK, that can be utilized for development upon request.

Relevant Services

Lab Testing – If you need data packages or feasibility testing for your flow reactor part prior to installation, we’re happy to work with you. We’ll use our lab center to perform various characterization and performance tests to ensure your flow reactor parts are meeting strict specifications.

Computational Fluid Dynamics – If you would like to model your process fluids interaction with a Mott flow reactor part, ask your Mott representative how we can use CFD software.

Engineering Memberships – If you’re constantly working on complex designs that require the highest standards of engineering support, ask about our membership rates, which allow you discounted rates to various lab testing, prototyping, and engineering resources for your flow reactor projects.

What are flow reactors?

Flow reactors are essential components in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and biotechnology. These devices facilitate controlled and continuous reactions of fluids, enabling precise mixing and processing. Mott’s flow reactors are custom-designed and engineered to meet the unique requirements of various applications. By optimizing flow patterns and utilizing advanced materials, such as PEEK and other alloys, Mott’s flow reactors enhance the efficiency and reliability of chemical reactions and fluid processes. Whether in lab testing, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling, or complex engineering projects, Mott’s flow reactors play a pivotal role in achieving superior results.

FAQs: Flow Reactors

Q: What is a flow reactor?

A: A flow reactor is a specialized device used in chemical and pharmaceutical industries to facilitate continuous and controlled reactions of fluids. It enables precise mixing, heating, and processing of reactants, making it a vital tool for various chemical processes.

Q: How does a flow reactor work?

A: Flow reactors operate by continuously pumping reactants through a reactor chamber, where they mix and react under controlled conditions. This allows for consistent and efficient chemical reactions, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Q: What are the advantages of using a flow reactor?

A: Flow reactors offer several advantages, including precise control over reaction parameters, reduced residence time, and improved efficiency. They are ideal for reactions that require strict temperature and pressure control, making them valuable in pharmaceutical and chemical research and production.

Q: How can Mott’s flow reactor solutions benefit my industry?

A: Mott’s flow reactor solutions are custom-designed and optimized to meet the specific needs of various industries. They enhance efficiency, precision, and reliability in chemical processes, making them ideal for applications like pharmaceutical production, chemical synthesis, and biotechnology research.