Gas Purification: Elevate Purity with Mott’s Gas Purifiers

Gas purifiers that eliminate moisture, particles, and impurities from crucial process gas supplies have become an important fixture in most modern facilities. As a global supplier of gas purifiers that provide parts-per-trillion gas purity, Mott works with integrators, gas suppliers and contractors to ensure process consistency and performance requirements are met.

Gas purifiers by Mott offer high efficiency, reliability, and product consistency to improve gas delivery yield and process integrity. Ultra-high purity applications call for the most sophisticated gas purification systems available, and Mott delivers just that! If your project or facility requires custom solutions, we’ve got you covered. Our gas purifiers are available in point-of-use, micro-bulk and surface mount configurations and can be customized to meet your critical design requirements. Remove moisture, particles, oxygen, CO2, CO and many other impurities with our diverse gas purifier product offering.

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Typical Applications

Mott gas purifiers remove impurities from process gases in high purity and ultra-high purity applications. Whether you need to remove moisture and particles from a gas line before feeding it into sensitive equipment or you need to clean up purge gas before exhausting it, Mott’s gas purifiers and solutions provide highly effective solutions (both in terms of cost and results).

  • Semiconductor process equipment
  • Weld gas/purge gas
  • Glove box purge gas
  • Annealing cover gas
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Solar and energy
  • Other emerging technologies

Mott Gas Purifiers - Point-of-Use Series

Mott point-of-use gas purifiers accommodate various flow rates across a variety of model and uphold the highest standard of purity for gas delivery systems.

Mott Gas Purifiers - Surface Mount Series

Mott Surface Mount Purifiers for use with C-Seal 1.125" surface mount gas delivery systems. Alloy 22 Fiber filter media compatible with caustic process gases HBr, NH3 and Cl2.

Mott Gas Purifiers - Micro-Bulk Series

Mott micro-bulk series gas purifiers offer moderate flow rates and protect sensitive downstream instrumentation.

Mott Gas Purifier Fill Classification Guide

A user's guide to Mott's purification fill classes.

Mott Gas Purifier Specification Quote Form

The easiest way to specify a Mott gas purifier is to fill in the Mott Purification Specs to Quote form and send it to our local High Purity Product distributor.

Product Specs

Point-of-Use & Micro-Bulk Gas Purifiers

Material:  316L stainless steel

Filter Media:  316L stainless steel

Flexible Sizes and Configurations:  Inlet/Outlet fittings and valves, face-to-face matching available

Filtration:  0.0015 µm standard

Helium Leak Rating:  1 x 10-9 atm cc/sec

Outlet Purity:  < 100 PPT

Pressure Drop:  < 2 psid

Wetted Hardware Surface:  Electro-polished, < 10 Ra, 316L stainless steel

Lifetime:  One year given 24/7 operation at nominal flow rate and typical 5N (99.999%) combined inlet impurity

Custom designs and fittings available upon request

Point-of-Use, Micro-Bulk and Surface Mount Gas Purifier Sizing

Point-of-Use Purifiers

1.5″ – 2.0″ OD

Standard OAL range: 3.31″ – 8.2″

Standard fittings 1/4″ VCR®

Micro-Bulk Purifiers

3.0″ – 6″ OD

Standard OAL range: 7.9″ – 51″

Standard fittings are 1/2″ VCR®

Custom Sizes Are Also Available

Surface Mount Purifiers

1.125″ C-Seal Base

Standard OAL: 3.30″



Point-of-Use Gas Purifier Operating Conditions

Max Operating Pressure:    250 PSIG (17.24 BAR)

Typical Operating Temperature Range:    0°C-50°C (32°F-120°F)

Max Operating Temperature:    50°C (120°F)

Nominal Flow Rate:    0 to 8 slpm depending on vessel size

Max Flow Rate:    0 slpm to 32.5 slpm depending on vessel size

Micro-Bulk Gas Purifier Operation Conditions

Max Operating Pressure:    200 PSIG (13.79 BAR)

150 PSIG (10.34 BAR) – 6″ Only

Typical Operating Temperature Range:    0°C-50C (32°F-120°F)

Max Operating Temperature:    50°C (120°F)

Nominal Flow Rate:    See table on cutsheet

Max Flow Rate:    10 slpm to 2300 slpm

Surface Mount Gas Purifier Operation Conditions

Max Operating Pressure:    1800 PSIG (124.1 BAR)

Typical Operating Temperature Range:    0°C-50C (32°F-120°F)

Max Differential Pressure:  150 psid (10.3 bar)

Performance in HBr:    See table on cutsheet

Mott Gas Purifier Part Description

MGP – Mott Gas Purifier



-Class Type

-Filter Type

-Connection Type


Relevant Services for Gas Purifiers

Make Gas Purification a Core Aspect of Your System with Mott’s Gas Purifiers

Many systems and processes fail to consider gas purification as a fundamental aspect during the design phase. However, integrating gas purifiers and considering things like process gasses and gas delivery yields in the earliest stages of designing and testing your system will result in better outcomes and more efficient systems. Mott’s team of experienced professionals, specializing in gas purifiers, has vast skill sets in manufacturing, design, engineering, and science and is ready to help you bring your ultra-high purity applications to life. The earlier you bring Mott and our gas purifiers on board, the better you can leverage our vast expertise and array of tools.

Design Expertise – From start to finish, we customize gas purifier solutions based on your design parameters – challenge us!

Fluid Modeling – Our extensive applications in gas purifiers have built a library of data to increase the accuracy of our flow models, providing initial performance and feasibility estimates prior to building prototypes.

Extensive Partner Network – If a material for gas purifiers is not listed or capability not in-house, we maintain an extensive network of partners for new material procurement, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and validation testing. Let us help you access the vital resources you need for your next project.

Engineering Support – Utilize our expert engineers to consult your process and choose the right point of use filters and gas purifiers for your application. From standalone gas purifiers to complete, custom end-to-end design and testing for new processes and systems, Mott is here to put our expertise behind your project’s success.

FAQs: Gas Purifiers

Q: What is a gas purifier?

A: A gas purifier is a device or system designed to remove contaminants and impurities from a gas stream, ensuring that the gas meets the required purity standards for a specific application. Purifiers are different from filters in that they typically remove non-particulate contaminants which are in many cases more challenging than particulates.

Q: Why is gas purification important?

A: Gas purification is crucial for applications that require ultra-high purity gases, such as semiconductor manufacturing, research laboratories, and certain industrial processes. Impurities can affect product quality, yield, and even safety. High-performance gas purification is increasingly important as semiconductor manufacturing continues to advance to smaller technology nodes, where parts per billion and even parts per trillion purity levels are needed.

Q: How does a gas purifier work?

A: Gas purifiers typically use a range of purification media that utilize mechanisms such as adsorption, absorption, reactive catalysts, organometallic resins or ion exchange membranes to remove contaminants. The purification method is very specific to the process gas that needs to be purified, the types of impurities and the desired level of purification.

Q: What types of contaminants can a gas purifier remove?

A: Gas purifiers can remove a wide range of contaminants, including moisture, oxygen, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulates, hydrocarbons and other trace impurities, depending on the design and materials used in the purifier. 

Q: How often does a gas purifier need maintenance or replacement?

A: The maintenance frequency depends on the type of purifier, the level of contaminants in the gas stream, and the volume of gas processed. Some purifiers have replaceable cartridges or components, while others may require periodic inspections and cleaning.

Q: Are there different types of gas purifiers for different applications?

A: Yes, there are various types of gas purifiers tailored for specific applications, gas types, and purity requirements. It’s essential to choose the right purifier based on the specific needs of the application.

Q: How do I choose the right gas purifier for my application?

A: There are many important factors to consider in the selection of the optimal purifier design. Factors such as the type of gas to be purified, the desired purity level, flow rates, operating conditions including temperature and pressure. The types of impurities to be removed from the gas stream are very important in selection of your purifier solution. Mott experts can advise on the optimal purification processes and designs for your specific application.