Reliable Bench Top Filters

Mott HyPulse® HyLine Bench Top Filters are the go-to choice when it comes to reliable inline filtration for separating solids from liquids and gases across a diverse range of applications. These filters have consistently demonstrated their effectiveness, serving as trusted components in various scenarios, whether as a dependable final downstream protection filter or as a vital part of small-scale and pilot plant processes. The flexibility of Mott’s inline filter solutions is further enhanced by the availability of accessory kits, diverse housing options, and elements, simplifying the process of tailoring bench-top filters precisely to your unique application requirements.

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Literature & Data Sheets

Typical Applications

HyPulse HyLine Filtration Overview

View our various options for bench top filters.

SC Series Low Pressure Single Cartridge Filter Housing

Inline filter housing for low pressure liquid or gas applications

SCT Series High Pressure Single Cartridge Filter Housing

Inline filter housing for high pressure liquid or gas applications.

Filter Feasibility Testing

Filter feasibility testing, application analysis, and information on our testing laboratory for liquid and gas filtration processes.

Lab and Engineering Services

Discover our entire range of services, including rapid prototyping, filter feasibility, media characterization and more.

Product Specs

Liquid Filtration Specs

Polishing Filter Specs

Gas Filtration Specs

Final Trap Filtration

Our Design Capabilities

Application Engineering – Seeking guidance on your design, especially regarding bench-top filters? Our team of application engineers is prepared to assist you in selecting the right part for your design, whether it involves bench-top filters or other components. With decades of experience collaborating with renowned technical and performance brands worldwide, we’re enthusiastic about helping you tackle complex challenges.

Customer Innovation Center – At Mott, we thrive on collaborating with customers, especially on intricate projects involving bench-top filters and beyond. In fact, we’ve dedicated an entire facility to it. If you’re interested in participating in lab testing and engineering consultation sessions, consider joining us at our Customer Innovation Center in Connecticut. Here, we work together to develop tailored solutions for your unique application needs, including those related to bench-top filters.

Relevant Services

Engineering Support – Utilize our expert project engineers to consult your process and design the right filter elements to maximize flow and particle retention.

Lab Testing – If you need data packages or feasibility testing for your part prior to installation, we’re happy to work with you. We’ll use our lab center to perform various characterization and performance tests to ensure your parts are meeting strict specifications.

What are Bench Top Filters?

For those less acquainted with bench-top filters, it’s essential to understand their pivotal role in laboratory and small-scale applications. Mott’s Bench Top Filters are specialized filtration components designed to deliver precise liquid-solid and gas-solid separations in controlled settings. These filters serve as critical tools for scientists, researchers, and engineers, allowing them to evaluate and optimize filtration processes before scaling up to larger systems. With Mott’s expertise in porous metal technology, our Bench Top Filters offer consistent and dependable results, making them indispensable assets for achieving precision in laboratory applications.

FAQs: Bench Top Filters

Q: What are Bench Top Filters?

A: Bench Top Filters are specialized filtration components used in laboratory and small-scale applications to assess and optimize liquid-solid and gas-solid separations. They offer a controlled and cost-effective means to evaluate filtration processes before scaling up to larger systems, ensuring precision and reliability.

Q: Why are Bench Top Filters important in laboratory settings?

A: Bench Top Filters play a crucial role in laboratory processes, allowing scientists and researchers to fine-tune and validate filtration techniques. They provide a controlled environment for assessing the effectiveness of liquid-solid and gas-solid separations, ensuring consistent and accurate results.

Q: How do Mott’s Bench Top Filters enhance laboratory filtration?

A: Mott’s Bench Top Filters are designed with precision and reliability in mind. They utilize porous metal technology to deliver controlled and accurate filtration in laboratory applications. These filters are essential tools for scientists and researchers across various fields, offering consistent and dependable results.

Q: Can Mott provide customized Bench Top Filters for specific laboratory needs?

A: Yes, Mott specializes in offering custom solutions for Bench Top Filters to meet the unique requirements of laboratory applications. If you have specific needs or specifications, please contact us directly, and our team will collaborate with you to develop the right Bench Top Filter solution for your laboratory testing needs.