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Transforming Production in Food & Beverage

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Food and beverage industry trends change to meet consumer demands on a regular basis.  After all people expect to get exactly what they want, when they want it, how they want it.  However they don’t understand that behind the scenes are high-precision engineered processes that make it possible to deliver safe, nutritious, and delicious foods to stores, homes, and tables every day.

In many cases modern food and beverage production involves a complex supply chain that may start with agricultural operations using wastewater recapture and reclamation to minimize water use and environmental impacts. Then, many products must be created in facilities that demand gas and liquid transfer systems, fluid filtration, sparging, batch clarification and other processes that would be equally at home in a science lab. Ironically, many of these high-tech processes are perfectly in-step with rising demand for natural and organic products. Consider high pressure pasteurization (HPP) that Food Engineering magazine describes as “a non-thermal food processing method that inactivates spoilage microorganisms and foodborne pathogens by using cold water and extremely high pressure.”

We Thrive on Solving the Biggest Problems

Fortunately for the food and beverage industry, Mott Corporation’s 60+ years of filtration and flow control experience and excellence are an ideal fit in today’s demanding food and beverage environments. Our products are precision engineered, designed to order, and perfectly suited for producers working on new plant and system designs, adding additional processing capacity, or simply looking to optimize an existing set-up. We pride ourselves on offering a cutting-edge array of products and services designed to streamline design and qualification processes while maximizing efficiency.

Our diverse product selection includes top-of-the-line media such as polypropylene, wire mesh, and sintered metal filters and components to name a few, ensuring that we have the perfect solution for every application challenge. And our Customer Innovation Center is available for collaboration on new design challenges that have yet to be created. Our team of engineers and scientists thrive on solving the biggest problems involving filtration and flow control, and we have the ideal environment for developing and testing new solutions, including rapid prototyping to ensure our designs work as intended. Here are a few examples of how Mott Corporation is helping the food and beverage industry today:

Innovative Solutions for Every Challenge

Whether you’re looking for disposable bag filters, reusable polypropylene options, or state-of-the-art pressure vessels, we have the expertise and technology to meet your needs. A replacement for less efficient drilled pipes, our InLine and InTank sparger systems, complete with valves and meters, provide unparalleled performance for optimizing gas/liquid and gas/emulsion contacting.

Supporting Future of Food Research

As the world investigates innovative ways of producing cultured meat, our solutions are often used in the fermentation stage fueling the development of alternative proteins. These foods can taste the same as or sometimes better than conventional animal products. Mott continues to support game-changing research.

Revolutionize Your Processes

Our cleanable, food-grade filtration solutions are specially engineered to excel in high-temperature, corrosion, and pressure environments. From liquid to steam, slurry, and gas, we’ve mastered the art of ingredient filtration, aeration, steam injection, and more.

Unlock Unprecedented Benefits

Mott’s solutions enable faster batch times, increased product yields, energy savings, and reduced water usage. We can also help lower hefty sewage costs through wastewater reclamation and reuse.

Embracing a Bright, Sustainable Future

Many organizations rely on Mott Corporation solutions as an integral part of the systems they use to transform their production lines to achieve greater efficiency, lower costs, and increase sustainability. And our exciting acquisitions of Asco Filtri and Digested Organics demonstrate our commitment to investing in the infrastructure and expertise needed to deliver the best solutions for food and beverage innovation.

As we continue to deliver the best in filtration and flow control, we welcome you to join us as we embrace a brighter, more sustainable future. Whether you’re working on a new plant, adding a production line, or simply looking to optimize your current process, Mott can collaborate with solutions to elevate your success.

Leading the Way in Food Production

Join us in redefining the future of food production. Contact Mott Corporation today to see how our innovative solutions can transform your operations and lead you towards a more efficient, sustainable tomorrow.