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Mott’s Customer Innovation Center: Where Collaboration Thrives

Breaking the Mold with Innovative Thinking

Shattering preconceptions is an important part of innovation because it’s hard to change that voice that says, “we’ve always done it this way”. Opening eyes to what is possible requires different perspectives, exchanging of information, asking powerful questions, and being fearless to challenge convention and spark creative thinking. That is the idea behind the Mott Corporation Customer Innovation Center (CIC).

Cultivating a Creative Problem-Solving Culture

Being a leader in filtration and flow control solutions for more than 60 years, we’ve developed a problem-solving culture that thrives on finding creative ways to tackle complex problems.  The Mott CIC has created an environment where customers can come to connect with our team members, break down barriers to the creative process, and collaborate on designs that become tomorrow’s next new product.

Dedicated to Iterative Design and Rapid Prototyping

The Customer Innovation Center isn’t just a space, it’s a team dedicated to the iterative design process and provides advanced manufacturing expertise that can be adapted to customer applications based on collaborative input and feedback.  Our clients can be comfortable knowing that we are here specifically to work with them to solve their most difficult filtration and flow control problems.

The Power of Rapid Prototyping

Mott’s ability to deliver rapid prototyping is a powerful vehicle. Far superior to a strictly model-based approach, rapid prototyping means the customer has an engineered-to-spec component in-hand that they can bring back to their facility to test. With the results of an actual proof of concept in hand, the teams can continue to fine-tune the product based on hard data. That means a product can be developed in weeks instead of months. In fact, we’ve had numerous instances when a customer has left the Mott CIC at the end of the day with a prototype in-hand.

Exceeding Expectations Through Collaboration

It’s not unusual for someone who has visited our CIC for the first time to tell us, “I had no idea you could do all of this!” And when that happens, the results of our collaboration exceed expectations.

Customers who visit the Mott Corporation Customer Innovation Center typically want to explore one of three primary objectives:

  1. Modification of an existing product. This process relies on Mott’s design expertise and rapid prototyping. 
  2. Creation of new capabilities to solve an existing problem. This research and development process draws heavily on Mott’s scientific expertise. 
  3. Collaboration for the design of a new product. Combining Mott’s engineering, rapid prototyping, and scientific capabilities with a customer’s product team, this process maximizes the full creative and collaborative potential of the CIC.

Ensuring Reliability and Scalability

Mott’s Customer Innovation Center means our customer can be assured their products will perform with ironclad reliability.  And once the engineering and prototyping has been done, it doesn’t stop there!  Mott also has the ability to replicate and scale to production.  

We have assisted customers in multiple industries over the years including medical device manufacturers with drug delivery, semiconductor manufacturers who need maximum product yield, environmental device manufacturers saving

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