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The Importance of Green Hydrogen Production

Non-renewable resources like gas, oil, and coal are, by definition, present on the Earth in finite amounts. When harvested and […]

How to Get the Maximum Benefit Out of Your Process Filtration: Part 6 Saving Your Downstream Equipment

Specialty chemical, agrochemical, and pharmaceutical processors understand the importance of successfully removing solid particulates from the process stream to prevent […]

Reliable Catalyst Hopper Vent Gas Filtration Improves Operational Efficiency and Minimizes Environmental Exposure

  In today’s highly competitive environment, refinery process efficiency is a critical component in optimizing overall business performance. However, in […]

Sintered Metal Filter Systems for Process Industries

Filtration systems, utilizing sintered metal media for solids/liquid separation, have proven to be an effective and economical alternative to other […]

Advances in Filtration Using Sintered Metal Filters

ABSTRACT Filtration technology utilizing sintered metal media provides excellent performance for separation of particulate matter from either liquid or gas […]

Flue Gas Filtration in Fourth Stage Separators / Underflow Filters: How to Meet Environmental Requirements and Protect Downstream Equipment

  In follow up to my previous blog that focused on best practices in Catalyst Hopper Vent Gas Filtration, we […]

Improving Chemical Manufacturing Processes with High Performance Porous Metal Filtration

  With increased focus on safety, efficiency, and sustainability, filtration is often an overlooked part of plant optimization. Porous metal […]

How to Get the Maximum Benefit Out of Your Process Filtration: Part 5 Saving Your Company’s Reputation

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you. You get it. After all the effort you’ve put into elevating your […]

How to Get the Maximum Benefit Out of Your Process Filtration: Part 4, Saving Your Throughput Revenue

No matter what product is flowing through your process filtration system, what you’re really trying to produce is throughput. Assuming […]