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Work with Mott to Achieve Longer Tool Uptimes and Better Factory Throughput

Improving tool uptime and tool throughput is critical to achieving better factory yields. Without careful tool operation, proper maintenance and compatible system components, tools can sit idle up to 60% of the time. Most of that time is due to scheduled maintenance or unexpected down time.

Mott Point of Use Fiber Metal Gas Filters have been proven to help fabs improve tool uptime with dry down in minutes – not hours – allowing tools to be commissioned faster during tool start up or after maintenance shutdowns. In addition, the fiber metal media offer 1.5 nm particle capture, 2X the industry’s 3 nm standard. Mott Diffusers have been proven to increase tool wafer throughput by as much as 10-20% by eliminating particle disturbances in the chamber during vent up from vacuum to atmosphere conditions.  The continual vent up cycles have been known to stress competitive diffusers to the point of early failure. Mott’s Diffusers have been tested to withstand 3 million vent cycles, eliminating costly material failures and reducing maintenance requirements.

Mott Point of Use Gas Fiber Metal Filters

For use in OEM tool gas boxes, UHP gas sticks for semiconductor tool hook-up, UHP process gas filtration in valve manifold boxes, gas cabinets, tool isolation gas boxes, or any process requiring ultra high purity particle removal.

  • Moisture dry down to <10 ppb after 1 hour at low-flow ambient purge per SEMI F27 test method
  • 9-log filtration of particles down to 0.0015 μm eliminating “die killer particles” from UHP gas delivery systems
    • Industry standard is 0.003 μm
  • Zero particle contribution above background (<1 particle/ft³) per SEMI F43-0308 test method
  • Maximum gas filtration efficiency, strength and reliability
  • Available in SS, Hastelloy and Nickel Filter Media, and >50 – 300 SLPM
1.5 nm Particle Capture

Mott has co-developed a new test with the University of Minnesota’s Particle Technology Laboratory that can now create test particles and measure filter efficiency down to 1.5 nm (0.0015 µm) particles. This is 2X smaller particle retention than the current industry standard of 3 nm. Mott’s development of proprietary manufacturing techniques has created metal filter media that meet this efficiency without contributing to filter pressure drop.

Mott Diffusers

Use Mott diffusers with gases in vent applications on load lock chambers, transfer chambers, cooling chambers, and process chambers or Semiconductor equipment interfaces (CVD, PVD, Etch, Epi) or other vacuum chambers.

  • Proven to increase wafer throughput by as much as 10-20% by reducing vent and backfill times without creating particle disturbances in the load lock or chamber.
  • Guaranteed to withstand 3 million vent up cycles, reducing maintenance requirements
  • Retrofit with most competitors’ diffusers models
  • Prevents back-streaming of particles from the load lock or chamber into the vent gas supply lines.