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Why Aerospace Industry Leaders Depend on Mott for Flow Control & Fluid Filtration


Your Engineering & Design Partners for Mission Critical Precision

When you’re in space, the technology operating your mission is critical.  Missions to space require precision engineering design to ensure the safety of onboard systems.  From life support and propulsion systems, to fueling and cooling systems, the thruster control modules, and filters protecting the sensing equipment, Mott components are engineered for exacting flow and filtration requirements and long-term use. These requirements ensure safe and successful missions to the outer reaches of space and beyond and are why companies like NASA and Jet Propulsion Labs depend on Mott.

We have engineered over 30,000 solutions that customers in nearly 100 countries have incorporated into their space missions. Our dedication to creating advanced technology and working with influential companies has made us a leading provider of engineered filters and fluid flow product solutions. Our configurable filtration and flow control products have been on the market for decades, with continuous improvements and developments to maintain our importance to the aerospace industry.

Fuel Cell Components for Advanced Oxygen Generation Assembly (AOGA)

Life support systems in deep space require oxygen generation for crew metabolic consumption.  The best possible materials must be used in oxygen generation, as brain cells can begin deteriorating after only five minutes of oxygen deprivation, and death can result without a sufficient oxygen supply. Mott offers uniquely developed Zirconium and Niobium porous sheet used in fuel cells as substrates for catalyst.  These thin, coatable porous metal sheets are mechanically robust and chemically compatible with ancillary components, making them the materials of choice in extreme temperatures and pressures.

Thermal Management & Phase Separation Components

As electrical and optical systems increase in power, the ability to efficiently cool those components is even more essential.  Mott’s proprietary technology enables efficient Wicking and Phase Separation from vapor flows.  If you’re looking to separate gases and liquids for improved thermal cycles, let our engineers’ modeling expertise work for you. We create optimal designs with the latest technology, including additively manufactured gradient porous to solid components. Our thermal efficiency has risen to a new level of performance with a smaller, lighter footprint.

Flow Restrictors Providing Laminar Flow

Worried about spikes or turbulence in your gas flow causing impact on sensors or thrust? Instead of drilled orifice, capillary tubing and needle valves that wear over time and provide inconsistent results, Aerospace companies use Mott porous metal flow restrictors.  The robust flow control design of Mott restrictors can be integrated into a housing and requires no calibration.  The result is consistent, repeatable flow control time after time. Using porous metal in Aerospace applications guarantees laminar flow in intense conditions and eliminates any turbulent flow on the outlet.

Filtration Systems & Components – Virtually Every Liquid & Gas

Whether filtering out dust or debris to protect an engine or filtering particulate from a liquid stream to keep onboard technology from seizing or clogging, Mott customized filters ensure filtration efficiencies in gas or liquid applications.  Oxygen systems around the world rely on Mott’s extensive and customizable Nickel media filtration products.  Mott products meet the challenge of filtering in extreme temperature or pressure environments.

Additively Manufactured Porous-Solid Structures for Integrated Space Propulsion Systems

Precision space propulsion devices require smaller footprints. Achieve a smaller footprint with Mott’s proprietary, patent-pending 3D printing technology for integrated filtration and flow components. The 3D-printed space propulsion system components include propellant filters, injector diffuser screens, and catalyst bed retainer screens. These components’ structural qualifications include a pressure rating of 20,000 psi or more, vibration and shock analysis, and heat transfer characteristics. The design flexibility also allows for customizable injector designs and internal thermal soak-back management.

Exotic Alloys & Latest Materials Engineering

If you have special alloy requirements, Mott can customize new material options for you.  Our materials range from traditional metals to materials like Tungsten, Molybdenum, Aluminum, and even ceramics or polymers.

Our engineers collaborate daily with customers to customize and develop solutions for critical applications and process projects.  These ‘When things can’t go wrong’ projects are why mission critical precision is required from concept to manufacturability.  Product development, prototyping, performance testing, and certifications are why Aerospace Industry leaders depend on Mott.

Mott Corp: The Gold Standard

Our high-performing products deliver solutions across many different fields, including the aerospace, defense, microelectronics, and petrochemical industries. We can collaborate with you and develop innovative solutions for your unique needs to improve your mission success rates.

Want to learn more about our engineering capabilities? Contact us so we can discuss the requirements for your project and the solutions that will best meet your needs.