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What Filter is Your Spacecraft Relying On?

Mott aerospace sintered filters

Whether recently hired or a 10+ year veteran of the industry, the space race is on.  While not the first race for space the world has seen, this one is clearly different.  The days of waiting years to conduct program reviews are over.  The industry is now operating in days, weeks or at most months to approve critical specifications, get hardware, and start building.  At Mott, our engineers have seen and lived those design meetings.  They’ve felt the rush of compressed schedules and know what you’re going through.

However, speed is nothing without reliability and the more flight proof engineers have, the better.  The simple truth is, you can calculate expected performance to infinity here on the ground, but nothing beats the experience of actual space flight.  Mott products have been flying in space for decades on a host of spacecraft applications.  Our proven AS9100 driven process from request for proposal to delivered product that ensures your filter will perform in space.

Importance of Mission Reliability in Spacecraft Design

If you’re looking for a partner who keeps your launch schedule on track as well as keeps your spacecraft flying, here are three considerations we want to leave you with as you design your next spacecraft filter:

Mission Reliability

Through precise flow tolerances and material compatibility with your propellants, our engineering experts understand the importance of mission critical design precision.  Compliance matrices meet all your engineering requirements to ensure risk mitigation and reduce negative outcomes.   Some of our most public examples include missions like the Cassini probe and the Mars rover where our products functioned for over 15 to 20 years – the full length of those space missions.

Mission Schedule

Our internal manufacturing and supply chain network are designed to get you flight qualified products to your specification in weeks, not years.  Still working on your specifications?  We can prototype even faster.

Mission Cost

Even the best performing products don’t need inflated costs.  Filters designed as a platform capable of customization can do so with local supply chains experienced in aerospace design, delivering critical components and services on-time and minimizing disruptions or delays.

Proven Performance of Mott Filtration Products in Aerospace Applications

Mott Corporation understands the value of high-quality components in the exacting manufacturing and operational environments required by the aerospace industry. From custom designs and rapid delivery to innovations that address the unique challenges of operating in space, our filtration products are proven in many critical applications.  Here are a few examples:

Vibration and Launch Stresses

Intense vibration and mechanical stresses occur during spacecraft launches and can threaten component integrity. The robust structure of porous metal sintered filters helps them withstand harsh conditions, maintain their integrity, and prevent potential failure. Mesh screen filters are more susceptible to deformation or damage, compromising their effectiveness in such demanding situations. Mott has space qualified filtration solutions that can withstand the highest stress environments and has solutions currently qualified on human rated flight elements.

Critical Fluid Control

In space propulsion, precise fluid flow control is crucial for optimal performance. The consistent pore size distribution of Mott sintered metal filters ensures a predictable flow rate while effectively blocking contaminants. This reliability is essential for maintaining stable propulsion system parameters and preventing clogs that could disrupt fluid dynamics.

Exposure to Harsh Propellants

Space propulsion systems often involve the use of aggressive propellants and chemicals. Mott’s porous metal sintered filters can be tailored to withstand corrosive substances, ensuring longevity and sustained performance. Our customization options for material selection make them ideal for compatibility with a wide range of space-grade fluids.

Extended Mission Reliability

Space missions, especially deep space exploration, can last many years. The longer service life of Mott porous metal sintered filters reduces the need for frequent replacement or maintenance activities, contributing to the overall reliability of the propulsion system over extended mission durations. This characteristic is particularly advantageous when considering the challenges and costs associated with servicing equipment in space.

Partner with Mott for Advanced Filtration Solutions in Aerospace

Mott Corporation has the proven engineering, chemistry, and design expertise needed to partner with today’s aerospace innovators. Have a difficult filtration problem? We look forward to helping you solve it.  Find out more about our services or contact us for more information.