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Optimizing Your Filter Part 1: Choosing The Right Micron Size

How important is selecting the right micron size for your filter separation process?

Having the correct micron size is the initial building block in your filter design and thus an extremely essential process when providing an optimized filter system to you.  If you select a micron size too large, it can lead to costly process shutdowns. In contrast, a smaller micron size can constrain throughput.

Many factors are considered when selecting the right micron size. One important aspect to note is particle size. Knowing the physical size of your solids makes all the difference because solids particle attrition happens over time and can lead to costly process shut downs. If we do not take into account the solid fines, they can lead to plugging pores in your filter media.

Although knowing the particle size is the initial step, you are far from finished. Every process is different. It is important to test different micron filters in the lab before engineers can make a recommendation on filter media. The last thing you need is breakthrough of solid fines as it is harmful to your process. Known in the industry, particulate fines cause process upsets, equipment failure, and a rise in production cost.

Let a Mott engineer recommend the appropriate micron size for your separation needs to protect your process and optimize production. Learn more about our separation processes by contacting us today.