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Mott Technology Helps Satellites Orbit Earth

Mott Restrictors Provide Consistent Gas Flow in Satellites


In order for satellites to orbit earth, the satellite’s speed must be balanced to counteract Earth’s gravity. This speed is achieved through propulsion systems inside the satellites that require a precise amount of gas to be bled off a valve. The current method for achieving this small gas bleed is an orifice.


The issue with an orifice at a very low flow is that the flow consistency varies from part to part due to inconsistent hole dimensions. There’s also a concern with foreign object damage in these systems because they’re difficult, if not impossible, to repair in space. The orifices also only have one hole, so if there’s foreign object damage in the system, and it plugs the hole, the part will not perform.


Mott’s restrictors are individually tuned and tested, so they have a higher rate of consistency part to part than orifices. Our restrictors also have several flow paths so if one path is plugged, the part will continue to flow and perform unlike the orifices used currently