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Mott High Purity Filters Help Shorten Commissioning of Wafer Fabs

With new fab construction and existing fab expansions happening at a rapid pace, contractors should be aware that there are high purity gas filters with vastly superior dry down.

What does this mean?

It means in critical applications, such as welding where gas purge jumper filters are a common requirement, a filter that provides the fastest and most cost-effective filtration will save weeks to months in installation time.

Faster welds, faster installation, and faster commissioning of the wafer fab.

We have all the details here in our latest Application Brief “Weld Gas Purge Jumper Particle Filters for Semiconductor Wafer Fabs“.

It is a must read for all contractors, consultants and suppliers working on fab projects.

In short we review SEMI Standards for Welding, Inert Gas Purging, Optimal Filter Media and Comparison Dry Down Data.

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