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Mott Introduces MGP Series Gas Purifiers: Elevating Purity in Semiconductor Manufacturing

July 2021 – Farmington, CT: Mott is proud to announce the launch of the MGP Series Gas Purifiers, a new addition to our High Purity filtration and flow control product line. These state-of-the-art gas purifiers are engineered to enhance process integrity in high purity and ultra-high purity gas applications, essential for the semiconductor industry.

H2: Ensuring Process Integrity with Advanced Purification

The MGP Series is meticulously designed to meet the stringent requirements of semiconductor fabrication facilities, where even minor impurities can significantly affect manufacturing outcomes. By removing gaseous impurities and providing filtration down to 1.5 nanometers, the MGP Series gas purifiers protect downstream instrumentation and maintain process consistency, crucial for optimizing wafer production yield.

H2: Versatile Purification Solutions

Available in both point-of-use and micro-bulk models, these gas purifiers offer tailored solutions to fit diverse operational needs. The MGP Series supports a broad selection of fill classes, enabling the removal of virtually any impurity from process streams. This versatility ensures that semiconductor manufacturers can achieve the highest standards of purity, enhancing the quality and reliability of their products.

H2: Regeneration and Purity

To extend the service life and maximize the value of these purifiers, Mott provides factory regeneration for many models. This service helps maintain purifier effectiveness and ensures sustained performance. With outlet purities achieving less than 100 parts-per-trillion, the MGP Series stands out as a leader in its class, setting new benchmarks for cleanliness and efficiency in gas purification.

H2: Global Availability

Mott’s MGP Series Gas Purifiers are available globally through our extensive network of High Purity Product Distributors. This wide distribution ensures that wherever your operations are located, you have access to Mott’s cutting-edge purification technology.

H2: Contact Us

For more information on the MGP Series Gas Purifiers and how they can benefit your semiconductor manufacturing processes, contact us today to speak with one of our trusted experts. Trust Mott to elevate the purity of your operations with our advanced filtration and purification solutions.