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Innovative Beverage Equipment Sparging Nitro


Specialty coffee shops around the world have found people gravitating toward the creamy taste and feel of nitro coffees.  To get that velvety texture, nitrogen is infused through a sparging device that contains a porous membrane with thousands of micron sizes pores.  It’s important that this sparger delivers the nitrogen into the coffee in such a way that it produces a visual cascade effect and leaves a light, foamy head on the beverage for each serving.  Manufacturers of innovative beverage equipment have worked with Mott engineers to serve customers nitro coffee with that creamy mouthfeel and preferred balance of flavor.


The challenge was creating bubbles of the perfect size that generate the right texture and visual appeal while keeping a product taste that customers would thoroughly enjoy.


Our solution was to optimize the sparging device pore size and design through precise testing and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) modeling.  Mott’s CIC (Customer Innovation Center) and state-of-the-art R&D laboratory performed multiple characterization tests.  These tests determined the proper bubble size and flow characteristics required for the customer.  We determined the optimal pore size required to allow for proper generation of nitrogen bubbles in a way that created the visual and textural effects desired.

Once the appropriate porous media grade was determined, Mott’s application engineers worked with our customers to identify appropriate hardware integrations and customized a design to compliment the dispensing equipment.  Quick prototype development allowed collaborative testing to ensure the custom solution could be applied and successfully implemented.


Mott has engineered, manufactured, and delivered sparging solutions throughout the beverage industry.  Nitro infused coffee is available in various coffee houses around the world, and Mott has been a critical part in creating this tasty drink.   Next time you indulge in a smooth nitro infused coffee, you can bet that Mott sparging technology delivered that rich, foamy topping so you won’t miss the extra sugar or cream.

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