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How Important is Precise Flow to You?

Did you know that porous metal is an excellent material for the flow control of gases and liquids?

The tiny pores and various pathways in the porous metal avoid potential clogging issues that are common in traditional orifices. In most cases, the flow can be tuned within +/- 2% of flow requirements.  Mott can individually calibrate and test the flow to ensure each product will achieve the precise specifications of your system or process before it leaves its facility.

Hardware is a key part of any flow component. However, did you know that flow can also change during assembly? Covering or closing pores, press-fitting, welding, along with many other processes, can all change the flow, resulting in escalated scrap and downtime in your process. Between all the moving parts in the system and balancing all the mathematical formulas, hardware is a variable that is often overlooked by engineers.

This is why we offer to assemble Mott’s porous media into our customers’ fittings at our manufacturing facility. We realize that your project timelines are tight and that you cannot afford to receive a part that does not meet specifications, so we work with your engineers to eliminate potentially critical oversights.

What Mott provides:

  • Design assistance – Our Engineering team will assist you in designing your hardware to eliminate any issues that would result in an unreliable part.
  • Processing – Through sinter-bonding and other joining techniques, you are guaranteed to receive a strong bond between the porous media and your hardware.
  • Flow Testing – Flows can be measured before and after assembly to confirm that your exact specifications are being met.

We know that flow precision is important to you. It is important to us as well, which is why we stand 100% behind the quality of the products you receive. Contact us today.