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Filter Feasibility Improves High Performance Polymers


A prestigious polymer manufacturer enlisted Mott to improve their processing of certain high-performance polymers.  In the development stage of their new product, the customer found impurities that would adversely affect the integrity of the final product.  Knowing that their reputation would be at stake, they decided to bring their problem to Mott.

Mott suggested a visit to our Customer Innovation Center where engineers and lab personnel could review their situation and discuss next steps.  A Filter Feasibility Test was scheduled using the customer’s feedstock.

The testing performed at Mott’s state-of-the-art laboratory determined that not only were there salt impurities inherent from reactions taking place in their current process, but the customer also had upstream contamination that required immediate attention.  The filtration study was able to maximize their filtration efficiency rates and remove over 99.9% of the impurities.  The data gained from this trial was immediately used to accurately design a Mott HyPulse® LSI filter system which would solve the separation of these impurities.  The Mott HyPulse® LSI system would not only improve their process with removing downtime for cleaning, and providing hands-free, automated operation, but ultimately afford them more value for increased purity of the final product.

Another customer satisfied!

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