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Energy Security is National Security

“Energy security is national security. Demand for energy is only going to grow, and a sustainable, reliable, domestic energy sector is a major asset for our country.” – Boris Levin, CEO, Mott Corporation

Green hydrogen is a fuel of the future that will soon drive ships, planes, and heavy industry while helping to reduce the amount of carbon in Earth’s atmosphere. That is good news for the environment, but it can only happen at a scale that makes a difference when the cost of converting from traditional fuels makes economic sense. The Department of Energy (DOE) recognizes that fact and, to help accelerate the embrace of green hydrogen as a preferred fuel, it has set an aggressive goal of cutting the cost of clean hydrogen by 80% to $1 per kilogram by 2030.

That might seem like an impossible task, but those are precisely the kinds of challenges that motivate us at Mott Corporation. In the case of green hydrogen, the trick will be in combining scale and efficiency to actuate the “invisible hand” of economics by increasing supply ahead of demand. To do that means generating innovative breakthroughs in the technologies and processes used to cleanly and efficiently break down water into its constituent parts—hydrogen and oxygen. To incentivize such advancements, the DOE has been allocated $750 million that it is awarding as grants to qualifying companies as part of the department’s “Hydrogen Shot” initiative.

Mott Corporation is proud to announce we are a recipient of a $10 million federal grant. Announced at our headquarters with partners and supporters, read the official announcement here.

A Core of Our Mission

Clean energy technologies are a core part of the Mott Corporation portfolio of products, and we have earned an outstanding reputation as a producer of high-performing porous transport layers (PTLs), a vital component in hydrogen production. In fact, our sintered titanium PTLs are already the thinnest in the industry, boasting superior conductivity, durability, and corrosion resistance. We will use this money, along with our own private investments, to hire new scientists, fund critical research, and train a new generation of employees interested in creating the future of green energy.

Working alongside our partners Nel Hydrogen, Forge Nano, and the University of Connecticut, the fruits of our endeavors in R&D will influence novel designs, chemistry, and compounds that will be integral to creating more efficient, durable, and reliable PTLs, which are essential to the operation of America’s seven green hydrogen hubs.

Urgency for the Economy, Environment and Security

“This $10 million will be a game changer for clean energy technology in Connecticut,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal. “As we confront the climate crisis, the need for green energy has never been more urgent and I am excited that an innovative Connecticut company is taking the lead to design and manufacture this new frontier. I am thrilled that Mott received this award from the Department of Energy and I will keep fighting for federal resources to support our state’s growing clean hydrogen power industry.”

Senator Richard Blumenthal Speaks at Press Conference

“I served in the US Navy over 20 years ago, with the interest of protecting National Security. My career has come full circle, and I am back in an organization that has the future of our planet, health of our people, and national security at the forefront of our core competencies… It feels good to do good.” – Douglas Koblitz, Director, Environmental, Health and Safety, Mott Corporation

“Connecticut companies like Mott are at the forefront of clean energy innovation,” said Senator Chris Murphy. “I’m proud to see this $10 million grant from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law support Mott and its partners as they develop and manufacture new technology to lower the cost of clean hydrogen. This project will not only help cement Connecticut as a leader in clean energy, but it will create good-paying jobs in our state and help build a resilient domestic supply chain.”

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