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4 Safety Benefits of Upgrading Your Filtration System

Have your workers developed a habit of stretching a filtration cycle into the night shift?  Does the new guy always get tasked with changing the filter media?  Do your workers take more time preparing to do the task than completing the task itself?

With legacy filtration systems, such as filter presses or bag filters, frequent media replacement can be a messy and laborious task.  Compound that with a toxic process fluid, and the safety and health of your workers is at great risk.  Would you be interested in a reliable state-of-the-art filtration technology with fully-automated control?

Mott HyPulse® Filter Systems provide clean-in-place technology using porous metal filter media, which offers the ultimate in particle retention, backwash ability, and durability.

Here are four safety benefits you will gain with this filtration technology:

  • Backwashing the filter system at the end of a filtration cycle is accomplished internally through a controlled pneumatic/hydraulic pulse, which uses fluid dynamics to rapidly discharge the filter cake built-up on the surface of the filter elements.  With a fully automated control system, the backwashing of the filter system is accomplished without operator intervention.  In addition to virtually eliminating operator exposure to the process fluid, equipment down-time and spare parts inventory are reduced.
  • Unlike a cyclone belt filter, a Mott HyPulse® filter has no internal moving parts and therefore will require minimal maintenance throughout the life of the filter.  This will help minimize the exposure of your equipment maintenance workers to the process fluid.
  • The durability of Mott porous metal filters allow operation to higher differential pressures as compared to conventional plastic, paper, or cloth media, allowing filter element life to be described in years rather than days or worse, in hours.   Some Mott filter elements used in harsh environments, such as in the filtration of FCC slurry oil, have not required replacement for 10 or sometimes 15 years.
  • Mott filtration media is available in a variety of alloys to meet high temperatures and corrosive process conditions.  In processes, such as these, it becomes even more critical to protect your workers.

Aging conventional filtration equipment require constant intervention from your workforce, not only affecting the bottom line due to maintenance costs and frequent down-time, but present an ever-present health and safety risk to your workforce.  Investing in state-of-the art Mott HyPulse® filtration will protect this valuable resource as well as free them up to work on more productive tasks.

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