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5 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade Your Filter Press Immediately


Let’s face it. A filter press used to be sufficient for process filtration, but growing safety concerns and ever evolving need for companies to achieve maximum efficiency have made these filtration systems obsolete. Modern production processes require modern systems and modern filtration technology. The largest companies from around the world are leaving filter presses behind and switching to Mott Porous Metal Technology. Here’s why.

1. Worker Safety

Every time you service your filter press, you put someone at risk. You’ve been running a steady stream of hazardous chemicals through your system, resulting in eminent danger for the employees who clean and maintain the press. Reducing the amount of maintenance your filter requires reduces risk of injury to your workers and your exposure to expensive litigation.

2. Eliminate the Need to Constantly Replace Filter Cloth

Are you replacing your filter cloth every 6 months? Every couple months? Believe it or not, this is not the norm for the most efficient companies in the world. Companies using Mott Porous Metal are getting years of service out of their filter elements. Stop wasting time and money by constantly replacing filter cloth.

3. Longer Production Runs

Just think about how much time you’ve spent replacing filter cloth, cleaning plates, making adjustments, stopping due to poor cake release or cake hang ups, and cleaning house due to leaks and bad filter plate sealing. Time is money, and when your system isn’t running, you’re losing revenue. Companies that realize the true cost of production often avoid cheap filter solutions because quality filter solutions pay for themselves with increased uptime and throughput.

4. Improve Filtration Efficiency

How often are you seeing solids downstream of your filter press? Holes in the filer cloth?  Bad gasket seal? Cloth not staying attached to plate?  How much time do you spend trouble shooting your system?  You can make all the adjustments you want to your filter press, but it will be very difficult achieve better than 5 micron retention at 99% efficiency.  With Mott Porous Metal, you can get 0.2 micron efficiency. Choice of media grades and material allow you to filter at higher temperature than fabrics and polypropylene plates and offer excellent corrosion resistance.

5. Lower Operating Costs

The initial price you pay for your filter system is far from the true cost of that system. Your filter press is consuming tons of costly energy and labor that all amount to massive dollar figures. All the money you spend on power to run your system, hydraulic fluids for your process, and even paying operators to maintain the area around your filter system adds up over time, making filter press systems cost inefficient. Using Mott Filter technology allows you to install a filter with no moving parts and solids removal can be measured in minutes, all controlled from the comfort of your control room.

Mott Porous Metal Filtration Systems circumvent all these issues by providing a high quality, cost effective solution. Mott’s systems are enclosed systems that are fully automatic and self-cleaning. Due to lower energy consumption, minimal operator intervention, and minimal maintenance, Mott filter systems pay for themselves, while providing the highest quality filtration.

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