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Mott Corporation Wins $10 Million Federal Grant for Clean Energy Technology

FARMINGTON, CONN:  Today Mott Corporation, one of Connecticut’s leading high-tech manufacturing companies, announced that it won a $10 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to accelerate design and manufacturing of clean energy technology. Mott and its partners, Wallingford-based Nel Hydrogen, Forge Nano, and the University of Connecticut, will produce porous transport layers (PTLs), which are an essential component for the production of clean hydrogen. These next-generation PTLs will help drive down the cost of clean hydrogen, consistent with the federal government’s “Hydrogen Shot” initiative to “reduce the cost of clean hydrogen by 80% to $1 per 1 kilogram in 1 decade,” by 2030.

Mott is the only Connecticut company to win an award in the electrolyzer supply chain category, which is part of the $750 million overall grant program, funded through $1.5 billion in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law dedicated to reducing the cost of clean hydrogen. The $10 million federal grant will be matched with $2.5 million in private sector support from Mott and its partners.

“Growing America’s clean energy industry through investments like this is good for the environment, good for jobs, and strengthens national security,” said Mott CEO Boris Levin. “Mott will use this funding to design and produce the next generation of a key high-tech component for clean hydrogen production. With this grant, we will be directly hiring more engineers and scientists – but we’ll also be investing in the next generation of local talent here in Connecticut. We are looking forward to working with our partners at the University of Connecticut, Nel Hydrogen, and Forge Nano to do this important work, and we’re grateful to our federal delegation and Governor Lamont for strong support of our state’s clean energy industry.”

Mott’s clean energy business centers around green hydrogen, a low-emission fuel and chemical feedstock that will be essential for the world’s energy transition. Mott already produces the most precisely engineered PTLs in the world. This grant aims to enable the production of PTLs that are not only structurally optimized, but coated with inexpensive corrosion-resistant layers to further lower the cost of green hydrogen.

“This $10 million will be a game changer for clean energy technology in Connecticut,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal. “As we confront the climate crisis, the need for green energy has never been more urgent and I am excited that an innovative Connecticut company is taking the lead to design and manufacture this new frontier. I am thrilled that Mott received this award from the Department of Energy and I will keep fighting for federal resources to support our state’s growing clean hydrogen power industry.”

“Connecticut companies like Mott are at the forefront of clean energy innovation,” said Senator Chris Murphy. “I’m proud to see this $10 million grant from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law support Mott and its partners as they develop and manufacture new technology to lower the cost of clean hydrogen. This project will not only help cement Connecticut as a leader in clean energy, but it will create good-paying jobs in our state and help build a resilient domestic supply chain.”

“Mott is yet another example of a Connecticut company being at the forefront of cutting-edge technology,” said Congresswoman Jahana Hayes. “I congratulate them on this $10 million U.S. Department of Energy award. This funding is vitally important to their efforts to design and manufacture clean energy technology.”

“Clean energy technology presents so many opportunities for our state and country,” said Dr. Pamir Alpay, the University of Connecticut’s Vice President for Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. “Beyond the critical importance of producing clean, renewable energy that mitigates the impact of climate change, the industry’s growth brings with it excellent employment opportunities and the chance to establish Connecticut as a leader in the field.”

“We are thankful for the support from the Department of Energy and proud to be among the partners on this exciting project, which will contribute very positively to the development of the hydrogen industry,” said Nel’s Vice President for Research and Development, Kathy Ayers.

“The Forge Nano team is excited to showcase the ability to improve key components in the hydrogen supply chain utilizing our Atomic Armor coating processes,” said Arrelaine Dameron, Forge Nano EVP of R&D. “We’re thankful to the Department of Energy for funding such critical research that allows Forge Nano to continue on its mission to improve performance of critical renewable energy sources.”

About Mott

Mott is a Farmington-based advanced manufacturing company founded in 1959. It is a 100 percent employee-owned company. Mott’s cutting-edge filtration systems are used in key industries like aerospace, clean energy, and electric vehicles. Mott products help operate the most sophisticated products in the world, from smartphones to implantable medical devices to the Mars Rover.