Industrial sintered metal filters

OEM & Industrial Sintered Porous Metal Filters

Sintered porous metal filters are available in different shapes, media grades, types of metal, and we can also apply advanced welding techniques to add fittings, housings, and even fully automated systems.

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Sintered Porous Metal Filter Elements

Sintered Porous Metal Filter Elements

Sintered porous metal filter elements are available in a broad range of materials, sizes, and custom fittings to optimize for your current filter system and porous metal filtration needs.

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Sintered metal assemblies

Sintered Porous Metal Cups, Discs, Tubes, Sheet, and Other Assemblies

With the structural integrity of metal and various degrees of porosity, sintered porous metal products offer engineers the ability to design around issues that affect other materials such as high temperatures, high pressures, or corrosive operating environments.

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Sinter Metal Gas Sampling Filter

Inertial Gas Sampling Filters - (IGS)

Inertial Gas Sampling (IGS) Filters minimize plugging and effective gas or liquid sampling as particulate matter in the mainstream is directed parallel to the filter tube rather than incident to the porous media.

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Sintered Metal Filter Cartridge

Sintered Porous Metal Filter Cartridges

Design an industrial filter with us or cross-reference a competitor's product to get all-metal filter cartridges and assemblies for extreme environments.

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Sintered Metal Filters - Steam and Vent

Steam & Vent Filters

All-metal 316SS or Nickel alloy steam & vent filters provide superior safety and longer service life in environments with elevated temperatures and oxidation stress.

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Sinter Metal Inline Filters

Bench-Top Filtration Systems

The 7710 Series HyPulse HyLine Inline Metal Filter is a reliable filter system for separating solids from liquids or gases. These metal filters have 316 stainless steel housings and come standard with a Buna N housing seal to provide strength and dependability.

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textile sintered filter

Sintered Textile Filters

Mott precision means exceptional filtration control for minimum yarn breaks. Proprietary manufacturing processes assure precise filtration and repeatable performance.

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