Flow Control Products

Want to Breathe Easy?

Scott Air-Pak® engineers use Mott flow restrictor plugs to deliver constant air pressure in their breathing apparatus - regardless of fill level. So firefighters have more time to save lives.

Flame Arrestor Technology

Detecting Harmful Gases Quickly and Accurately

Gas Detection equipment often requires flame arrestor technology to prevent a flame path in the event of a spark from sensor electronics. Achieve precision flow rates and go into the agency approval process with confidence.

Market Information

  • Customized Designs

    Filtration, flow control, and flame arrestor products often directly impact the performance of a detection instrument. Use our design teams to maximize your performance so you can lead the industry with the best flow rates.

  • Agency Approvals

    Our experienced engineers can deliver product specifications that will meet strict agency approvals such as UL, FM, CSA, and others. Improve your product's performance, such as detection response rate, by using our design teams.

  • Lab Services

    Proving a design change or creating a new concept can be tough without data. Mott's Material Characterization Center and help test and validate new material options or changing performance specifications prior to production. Take advantage of our teams to handle design validation through actual testing of your product and make decisions based on data.

  • Logistics

    Respond quickly to changes in demand by using our Kanban services. We'll ensure you never run out of stock and reduce your inventory while delivering top quality parts.

Information Request

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