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Reduce Your Vent Up Times

By eliminating the adverse “jet” effect that plagues other methods, Mott diffusers can substantially reduce vent times of load lock or vacuum process chambers. Get the widest variety of choices in media material and pore size available in the industry with all-metal Mott diffusers as high-performance alternatives to drilled plate showerheads or standard 1/4" open-ended inlet lines.

Microelectronics Filtration Company

When Cost Reduction is Priority

Semiconductor manufacturers are constantly seeking ways to reduce their costs. Various applications surrounding the chamber currently use expensive flow controllers that may not be necessary. Mott's precision flow control solutions can be the answer.

Microelectronics Filtration Company

Every Particle Counts

Microelectronics applications such as semiconductor or flat panel processing require the highest level of particulate contamination control. Mott's customized diffuser technology allows tool makers to minimize particle disturbances in chambers and make vent up times more efficient. Try out our high purity sintered porous metal products and see what you're missing over conventional drilled hole solutions.

Market Information

  • Customized Designs

    Environments are getting harsher in the industry. Mott can design to new material options such as Hastelloy© C-22 to stand up to these new challenges. Reducing pressure drop and increasing flow is also a key design element. If you haven't already, check out Mott's fiber media options in point-of-use filtration.

  • Cleanroom Manufacturing & Packaging

    Mott sintered porous metal media undergoes solid-state diffusion bonding making media migration virtually impossible even under the harshest conditions. Our products are tested and packaged to industry standard in an ISO 5 (Class 100) clean room prior to shipment.

  • SEMI Standards

    Specifications and industry design standards are always changing. Ensure your designs meet the latest SEMI standards in filtration, flow control, material, and design. Contact our engineering teams with your new product design today.

  • Particulate Analysis

    Particles are of utmost concern when manufacturing key microelectronics. Mott's Material Characterization Center can assess any particle challenges you may face and uncover ways to reduce them. See our Services page or contact us today to speak with our engineering team.

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