Medical Filtration Control Products

Want to be Cutting Edge?

Proper dosing of anesthesia during surgery is often as critical to the patients well-being as the procedure itself. That's why anesthesia machine manufacturers rely on Mott encapsulated flow restrictors to prevent oxygen deprivation or overdose when valves are fully open or closed. There's a Mott metal flow control, filtration, or dispersion solution that can make your liquid or gas applications healthier. We'll deliver a solution that improves your vital operations.

Medical Flow Control Products

How Low Can You Go?

Healthcare costs are rising and new technologies to deliver drugs are all the talk. Mott's technology can provide the answer with extremely low flow drug delivery. We are talking about nano-liters per day.

Market Information

  • Customized Designs

    Designing medical devices can be a challenge when tight operating specifications and biocompatible materials are required to ensure proper function and efficacy.  Our diverse experience continues to grow, with a few examples being in tightly controlled liquid drug delivery, gas delivery systems, surgical devices, and advanced diagnostic equipment.

  • Clinical Trials

    Getting your product through FDA approvals and the clinical trial process is daunting. We understand the journey you face and work with you every step of the way to ensure we get you through successfully. Working for decades with medical applications allows us to bring an experienced hand to the design and testing process to give you the reliability and performance required.

  • Lab Services

    Proving a design change or creating a new concept can be tough without data. Mott's Material Characterization Center and help test and validate new material options or changing performance specifications prior to production. Take advantage of our teams to handle design validation through actual testing of your product and make decisions based on data.

  • Clean Manufacturing

    Manufacturing in a clean environment can be critical to product performance to ensure there's no carry over into analytical processes. Our class 100 (ISO 5) or class 10,000 (ISO 7) clean rooms are often used to manufacture critical components. Mott also offers in-house passivation services, organic-free processing and clean room packaging for critical applications.

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