Manufacturing Flow Control Products

Venting Explosion-Proof Enclosures

Proper venting and flashback prevention keeps our customers products safe. Mott flame arrestors prevent flames from transferring to a different area of a device by cooling or quenching a flame front or dampening a combustion wave. Built to absorb and dissipate the heat of a flame for specific operating and flow conditions, our customers design theirs exactly how they want them.

Venting Injection Molds

Properly Venting Injection Molds

During injection molding, by-product gases and trapped air are produced. These gases create voids and porosity causing defects in the finished product. These defects not only affect the appearance of the product, they can also compromise mechanical properties. In this industry, these gases are considered contaminants and need to be removed during the molding operation. By venting the molds, these gases can escape and eliminate the risk of contamination.

Market Information

  • Customized Designs

    Fitting a standard part into a new piece of equipment isn't always the best option.  When performance is on the line, we can customize specific parameters to meet the exact requirements in your manufacturing process or piece of equipment.

  • Design Quickly

    Our experts ask the right questions up front to save time and get a high performance product to you quickly.  Get customized designs and prototypes with support from our engineering teams with lead times 3-times faster than the industry average.  Check out our Services page and customize a current product or design something totally from scratch.

  • Repeatability Matters

    Whether using a pick-and-place robot for electronics manufacturing or high-end welding equipment, getting repeatable performance can make all the difference in getting the highest production yields.  Our products can be designed to extremely tight tolerances, so your process can stay within tight statistical process controls, too.

  • Durable Materials

    Porous metal products can withstand repeated motions, cycling, or even explosions if need be.  When the most demanding manufacturing methods or the toughest operating environments are part of the job, our products stand up to the test over comparable plastic or teflon options.  

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