Food and Beverage Filtration and Flow Control

Brewing the Perfect Beverage

Breweries and wineries around the world use Mott's sparger and filter products for optimal liquid to gas contacting - leading to efficient processes and a great tasting product. Cheers!

Food and Drink Flow Control Products

Proven Food & Beverage Process Improvement

Want to reduce your process time, reduce gas consumption and increase efficiencies in your operation? Safety and efficiency are the reasons many food and beverage processors use our products in their process operations. Based on our experience and actual customer cases, the use of Mott porous metal spargers can increase process efficiency by as much as 40%, saving processing time and money while increasing product throughput.

Market Information

  • Customized Designs

    Customers often approach us using a long-standing process looking to improve performance/efficiency or are creating an entirely new process. We can manage both and customize our porous metal products to your exact specifications.

  • NSF/ANSI Specs

    Process equipment that is destined to come in contact with foodstuffs, liquid or solid, is required to meet NSF/ANSI 51 standards. Our products have a history of complying and passing these industry requirements and can be certified with steam in place procedures as well. Work with a partner who understands the quality requirements necessary to meet strict food and beverage industry criteria.

  • Lab Services

    Proving a design change or creating a new concept can be tough without data. Mott's Material Characterization Center and help test and validate new material options or changing performance specifications prior to production. Take advantage of our teams to handle design validation through actual testing of your product and make decisions based on data.

  • Clean-ability

    Mott porous metal products can be cleaned in-situ with blowback (gas) or back pulse (liquids) methods. They can be washed or purged with water, solvents, bleach, caustic or acid solutions. They can also be autoclaved, steam purged or cleaned ultrasonically without degrading…even over years of use. This often can produce a significant return on investment versus single use technology.

Information Request

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