Analytical Instrumentation

Need a New Prescription for Success?

Whether pharmaceutical companies use Waters Corporation's ACQUITY Ultra Performance LCTM Systems in method development or QA/QC, the uniform density and consistency of Mott porous frits delivers clearer sampling time after time. The result is maximized purity and optimal flow for dependable, repeatable results - a surefire prescription for success.

Laboratory Instrument Flow Control

Advancing Laboratory Technology

Precision laboratory instruments use Mott porous metal flow control products to achieve new levels of performance and accuracy. From the lowest flow rates to the new material options, delivery custom product specifications quickly helps get cutting-edge instruments to market ahead of competition.

Market Information

  • Customized Designs

    Each instrument and consumable require unique characteristics and design parameters and often they're getting smaller. Our engineering teams have years of experience dealing with varying chemical particulate size ranges, pressure conditions, flow rates, and new designs. We're on the cutting edge of instrumentation technology - partner with us and we'll work threw any challenges you face.

  • Flow Options

    Complex flow paths and operating parameters of analytical instruments require a diverse range of connectivity options and flow characteristics. Whether using widely-accepted hardware configurations or customized multi-port options for multi-flow capability, we can design it. All options are available across a vast range a flow capability, including positive pressure and vacuum conditions.

  • Testing Services

    Key performance features such as pore distribution or material characteristics often require detailed analysis and data when creating new product specifications. Our Material Characterization Center is equipped to handle these requests and provide you with detailed reports to make decisions.

  • Clean Manufacturing

    Manufacturing in a clean environment can be critical to product performance to ensure no carry over into analytical processes. Our class 100 (ISO 5) or class 10,000 (ISO 7) clean rooms are often used to manufacture critical components. Mott also offers in-house passivation services, organic-free processing and clean room packaging for critical applications.

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