NASA Flow Control Devices

Out of this World Technology

NASA vendors trust Mott filters and flow controls devices for critical systems integrated in satellites, space probes and even mars rover technology. Whether its's filtering of particles to protect equipment, control of fluid flows at specific rates at extreme temperatures, or limiting a gas flow to protect against catastrophic device failure, Mott's engineers have the experience and the technology to provide the right solution.

Aerospace Filtration Devices

How High Can You Soar?

How's the air up there? Gulfstream Aerospace passengers always answer, "just fine." That's because Mott metal flow control keeps pressure more consistent and particulates less noticeable. Work with an experienced team on your aerospace filtration and flow control needs and we'll help ensure your engineering is first class.

Aerospace Flow Control Devices

Under The Sea

Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), the largest of the Navy's five systems commands, engineers, builds and supports America's Fleet of ships and combat systems. They also happen to be a Mott customer. NAVSEA enlists Mott Corp to supply porous metal products to filter fuel which is supplied to speed control assemblies on various types of torpedoes. These filters must perform to rigid specifications or the performance of the torpedo will suffer due to speed drop-off.

Market Information

  • Customized Designs

    Whether the constantly changing demands on aerospace industry or starting a cutting edge defense project, design assistance is readily available for your filtration or flow control challenges. Our engineering services team has years of experience talking with firms in the industry and can customize our technology to exactly fit any new project coming your way.

  • Industry Compliances

    Mott is an ITAR registered company and has experience working with aerospace and defense projects. Our supply chain understands these markets well and maintains AS 9100 certifications the DOD, NASA, FAA, and commercial aerospace companies require. You can trust the product you get will perform with extreme precision.

  • Performance Testing

    Our Material Characterization Center can test any product you choose to help validate performance or bring critical data to the decision making process.  Check out the Performance Analysis section of our Services page for more information.

  • Scaling Up

    Aerospace and Defense customers require tight tolerance prototype services with the ability to scale manufacturing. See our Services page to get engineering expertise to work for you in just days.

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