Microelectronics Filtration Company


It takes precise engineering and superior quality to solve filtration and flow control issues in the complex and highly sophisticated world of Microelectronics.

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Food and Drink Flow Control Products

Chemical Processing

Mott filters and flow control products can be found in any phase of chemical processing.

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Analytical Instrumentation Flow Control

Analytical Instrumentation

In modern day analytical instrumentation, it is critical that each component performs precisely and with extremely accuracy.

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Power Generation Flow Control


Mott filters and flow control products can be found in several processes that help generate power and energy.

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Petroleum Filtration and Flow Control

Petroleum Refining & Petrochemical

Strength, durability and pressure capacity. The primary characteristics of sintered porous metal that make it well suited for refinery applications.

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Process Control Filtration

Process Control, Monitor & Safety

Constant product innovation and being fast to market is mandatory in this industry and that's why Mott is the leader in filtration and flow control products.

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Waste Water Filtration

Environmental & Waste Water

Making the world a better place is why customers come to Mott for our filtration and flow control products.

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Manufacturing Filtration and Flow Control

Manufacturing Equipment

In this highly competitive marketplace, it is important to have partners that can help you sustain your productivity and advance your next technology.

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Medical Filtration and Flow Control


Mott has partnered with the largest medical device companies to take on highly complex, diverse and demanding filtration and flow control projects.

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Porous Metal Parts for Pharmacies


Mott's porous metal media can be customized to meet stringent quality  requirements for flow control and filtration in liquids and gases.

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Aerospace Flow Control Manufacturer

Aerospace & Defense

Mott porous metal is used by many engineers to solve filtration and flow control problems in the air, in space and in designs used on the front lines. 

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Food and Beverage Filtration and Flow Control

Food & Beverage

Strength, precision, efficiency and cleanability are just a few reasons the Food & Bev industry look to Mott products for their filtration and flow control solutions.

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Biotechnology Filtration and Flow Control


Mott spargers are the first choice for use in bioreactor and fermentor applications and our filters are used in vent and steam applications.

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Transportation & Engine Technology Filtration and Flow Control

Transportation & Engine Technology

Emissions controls, engine life cycle and power, as well as accurate testing equipment are critical to automotive designers and engine manufacturers.

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In an urgent situation where we needed assistance with our filtration system, Mott was available and able to help us find the solution to our problem and get us back on track quickly. Their start-up and plant operator training was excellent, but their post-sales service saved the day.

[ Electrical Engineer, Petroleum Refinery ]

Very easy to work with, trustworthy, excellent job of sharing information and concerns, collaborative spirit, shared interest in goal, going above and beyond

[ Senior Engineer, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer ]