Products Questions

The product I'm looking for does not fall into current product applications. Can you make a new product for me?

Mott customizes all of it's products and creates entirely new ones for new applications. See our services page or take the full new product idea journey.

The material option I'm looking for is not listed. Does Mott source new materials?

Yes, Mott maintains strong supply chain relationships to be able to develop new products using custom metal alloys to meet your needs. Give us a call at 1.800.289.6688 to review your application.

Can I just buy a standard part off the shelf?

Almost all of our business is made to order, so we do not carry off-the-shelf products. Contact us to review your application and we'll definitely find something that suits your business need.

What does Media Grade mean?

We offer sintered porous metal media in a number of grades categorized by their filtration and permeability characteristics. We differentiate the individual media by using grade numbers, or Media Grades, measured using ISO or ASTM procedures. The Mott Media Grade is an indication of the nominal solid particle size that is retained during filtration.

I've never heard of sintered porous metal before. My application is critical - how proven is this technology?

Mott works with many Fortune 500 companies in areas such as medical, aerospace, and microelectronics.  For over 50 years, our products have excelled in the most critical applications, such as on satellites, medical implants, semiconductor equipment, and analytical instruments. The longstanding relationships we have with our customers shows the trust they have in our product lines.

Services Questions

My process is extremely confidential. How can we use Mott's design services without compromising our proprietary technology?

Our engineering teams have significant experience and are frequently involved in confidential projects. We will never share proprietary information outside of our engineering teams directly involved in a project. Please use our mutual Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) downloadable here or send us yours when beginning to work with us.

I am looking to have my product/process reviewed on-site and have multiple projects throughout the year. Does Mott offer design contracts to provide regular engineering assistance, including on-site?

Yes. Coming to us early in your design process significantly helps in reducing time to market and saving cost by designing the product for both performance and manufacturability. We can come on-site as required to review your product or process with you as needed to ensure all our design bases are covered. See our Services page or give us a call to review your schedule and projects to see if an engineering services contract is right for you.

I have a porous metal element but no part number. Can Mott reverse engineer it and supply a replacement?

Yes. Please give us a call at 1.800.289.6688 to review your application today.

I have a competitor's product that isn't working properly. Can Mott help troubleshoot it with me?

Yes. We can analyze competitive products and technologies and work with you to design a product that meets your need.

Design Questions

Is Mott able to custom design a current product for me?

Yes. We have a complete Engineering Services team who can perform all design functions (drawing, performance, manufacturability, etc.) in house. See our services page or take the full new product idea journey!

What geometric porous shapes or dimensions are available for manufacture?

Our most common geometry requests are found in our product overview PDF found here. We often customize dimensions to meet customer requests and specifications. Contact us, and we can help!

What hardware connection types are offered?

Virtually any hardware connection is available as we can design, build, and test around the needs of almost any custom product.

What options are available for bonding hardware with porous metal?

Two primary options include welding and sinterbonding. For welding, parameters are customized to your exact porous media specification to ensure a proper weld. For sinterbonding, given the design of your part, a custom temperature is selected to run the product through our furnaces. The porous metal will diffusion bond itself to the hardware and then undergoes stength testing to ensure your design criteria are met.

I don't understand what some of the specification terms or manufacturing processes are, where do I find that information?

Inquire online or call us at 1.800.289.6688 to discuss your application. Our engineers are standing by to answer questions and provide design guidance.

Ordering Questions

How do I know to buy direct or through a distributor?

Our distribution and representative channel is dependent on the product, market, and geographic location. If you are a new customer and unsure whether to go direct or through a distributor, contact us today.

Can Mott manage my inventory for me?

Yes. We offer services to manage customer portals or Kanban inventory to reduce lead time and inventory of our customers. See our Logstics Services.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes. Please contact our inside sales staff for specific credit card details regarding your situation.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Whether it's 1 or 1,000,000, we make our products to suit your need. Often, customers will prototype a few units and then wish to scale up to full production - that's our bread and butter.

Capabilities Questions

I'm looking for a turnkey solution, is Mott able to provide more than just a porous metal component?

Yes. Mott is able to weld, machine, assemble, test, and much more to whatever configuration you require. Talk to our engineers and they will build any processing steps necessary to get the finished product you want.

Can you certify to oxygen service cleaning?

Yes, absolutely. Contact us to get more details.

Is Mott able to manufacture to cGMP standards?

While Mott is not required to meet FDA regulations directly, many of Mott Corp's customers do. We strive to meet cGMP standards regardless of the application.

Does Mott offer clean room manufacturing?

Yes. We currently manufacture products in multiple clean rooms, to include Class 100 (ISO 5) and Class 10,000 (ISO 7).

Other Questions

Where can I find downloadable design and general maintenance guidance?

If it can't be found on a Product page, check out the Resource Center for unique guidance and information on products, applications, and more.