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Supercharge Your Sparge: Amino Acid Production Gets Gassed-Up

Have you been working with the same sparging technology for years?  Looking for ways to save cost?  Decrease cycle times?  Like many bio-fermentation products, the Amino Acid market is growing rapidly.  With that growth come the pressures of finding new ways to save and produce efficiently.  Mott’s new line of Bio-Fermentation Spargers is here to help. Here’s how:

Save Time

Mott’s experts have designed a sparger that will produce the most efficient bubble size for liquid-gas contacting.  With a significantly higher O2 rate-of-rise than orifice or drilled pipe sparging, Mott’s porous metal solution with have your system running at top speeds.

Save Air

Although air seems like a simple, abundant resource, we know that reducing the amount of conditioned and purified air that your system uses can provide significant savings.  Because of the efficient gas-to-surface area ratio of the bubbles produced from a Mott sparger, O2 absorption is significantly higher than sparging using other methods.   Instead of having gas simply travel to the top of the tank and sit in the head space it will be absorbed into solution quickly.

Save Energy

We know that in the bio-fermentation industry, high speed agitation is an everyday staple to ensure both gas absorption and distribution.  But did you know that you can reduce your agitation speeds by 50% to 100% by installing a Mott solution?  Our studies have shown Mott spargers with no agitation still outperform systems using drilled pipe and aggressive agitation.

See the evidence for yourself

Whether you want a standard product or a customized solution, Mott’s team of experts can recommend the right sparger for your application.  Contact us today to discuss how Mott can supercharge your Amino Acid production!