Our Mission

Mott aspires to be known as the gold standard for high performance filtration
and flow control applications. We exist to inspire engineers to escape the ordinary.

Our Brand Promise

Ironclad Reliability. With the largest installed base of porous metal solutions
world-wide, the world's leading brands rely on Mott - you can, too

Our Products

• Prevent bacteria from entering or leaving NASA’s rover on Mars
• Deliver medications through devices implanted in patients
• Control sample flow rate in analytical instruments, ensuring
  pharmaceutical drugs are manufactured safely
• Remove gases that can make bottled beer smell “skunky”
  for the leading beer and wine manufacturers

Our Employees and Culture

Our History

Our customers can’t afford failure of their mission critical systems. So, we customize every product to meet their precise specifications, using our highly agile culture with nearly 60 years of experience to our advantage.  As a result, we deliver products and services three times faster than the competition. Additionally, we offer a full range of services including materials research, prototypes, short runs and lab work. We look forward to welcoming customers to our state-of-the-art materials center in the near future.

Mott, which was founded by metallurgist Lambert (Bud) H. Mott in 1959, has earned a reputation for reliability. Many of our customers have trusted us with their most sensitive projects for decades. As a 100 percent employee-owned company, we are dedicated to exceeding their expectations.

Leadership Team

Boris Levin - Mott Filtration & Flow Control Company

Boris Levin

President and CEO

Mike Listro - Mott Filtration & Flow Control Company

Mike Listro


Kevin McGuffin - Mott Filtration & Flow Control Company

Kevin McGuffin

VP, High Purity Sales

Karen McCabe - Mott Filtration & Flow Control Company

Karen McCabe

VP, Human Resources

Sean Kane - Mott Filtration & Flow Control Company

Sean Kane

Director, Corporate Strategy & Business Development

Aravind Mohanram - Mott Filtration & Flow Control Company

Aravind Mohanram

Director, R&D and Engineered Solutions

Mike Miller - Mott Filtration & Flow Control Company

Mike Miller

Director, Engineering Services

Gene LePage - Mott Filtration & Flow Control Company

Gene LePage

Director, Quality & Continuous Improvement

Company Values

A Icon - Mott Filtration & Flow Control Company

Act Like An Owner

We are all owners. Not just of the company but also of our daily experiences, our relationships, our successes and our failures. Owners don’t see problems; they see opportunities, pay attention to details and do what is necessary to achieve goals and get the job done right.

B Icon - Mott Filtration & Flow Control Company

Believe In Possibilities

Amazing accomplishments can be achieved when, rather than looking at things the way they are and asking why, we think of new possibilities and ask why not?

C Icon - Mott Filtration & Flow Control Company

Care Deeply

By giving up our need to always be right, by embracing the value of new perspectives, by listening with empathy and by exploring alternative paths to success we empower each other to stay positive, be more productive and far exceed our customer’s expectations.

S Icon - Mott Filtration & Flow Control Company

Set High Standards

In addition to our technical skills and work experience, everyday we will bring with us our integrity, our openness, our leadership, our willingness to accept feedback and our deep desire to never stop learning and growing.

Collaborate With Us

We’re an employee-owned, cutting-edge company with a modern culture. When you work with us, you work with the most advanced technology and most influential companies in the world. It’s an environment where you can take your career anywhere you want it to go.

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Company Info

  • Facilities

    Our two facilities in Farmington, CT include:  

    Complete on-site porous metal product manufacturing, welding and fabrication, CNC machining, ancillary services (like passivation and surface coatings), and ISO Class 5 and Class 7 clean rooms to support the Semiconductor and Biotechnology industries. Additionally, a dedicated ISO Class 7 clean room supports the Medical, Pharmaceutical, and other Life Science markets.

    Mott's state-of-the-art Materials Characterization Center, which maintains cutting edge laboratory and inspection equipment for complete testing and analysis of our customers' products.  Check out the Services - Performance Analysis page for more information.

  • Quality Policy

    Mott embraces customer value and satisfaction by empowering employees to:

    Act Like an Owner
    through personal commitment  and accountability

    Believe in Possibilities
    that our products, services and Quality Management System will continuously improve

    Care Deeply
    while interacting with co-workers,  customers, suppliers and other  interested parties

    Set High Standards
    to meet or exceed requirements

  • Certifications & Compliances



    If you would like to see our ISO Certificate, please download here.

    ISO 9001 Certified
  • Environment & Safety

    Consistent with its standards for high quality, Mott maintains a policy of concern for the environment and for the safety of its employees. Currently, we operate under guidelines set forth by both the State of Connecticut and certain federal agencies. Our production processes are regulated with regard to air and water emissions.

    Tests performed on its air emissions have verified that no air pollution is emitted from the Company’s facilities.

    To appropriately manage waste chemicals, the Company utilizes an above-ground fiberglass tank to receive liquid wastes generated from the chemical treating of its stainless steel products. The Company has a contract with a local waste hauler for the emptying of the tank when necessary.

    We utilize the services of HRP Associates, Inc., a local environmental consulting firm, to occasionally test its ground water. Recent tests confirm that the Company is well within relevant state of local standards with regard to ground water purity.

    Mott is in compliance with all OSHA standards with regard to employee safety and has never had an employee bring a lawsuit against the Company for negligence.