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High Purity Flow Restrictor Application Data Sheet

HPFRAPS – High Purity Flow Restrictor Data Sheet – Form to define performance criteria and hardware configuration for flow restrictor manufacture.

HP Flow Restrictor Application Data Sheet (HPFRADS)

Please fill out all of the details requested then sign and date this form. This information will insure that the flow restrictor you are specifying is designed and manufactured to your specific needs. All application information is confidential.

Company: Contact Name:
Address: Title:
Note: Flow restrictors are a flow limiting or metering device that provides a specific flow rate are given static inlet and outlet pressure conditions.  Flow restrictors do not control pressure or differential pressures directly.


Required Performance criteria:
Enter Gas Type:




(i.e. Nitrogen). For gas mixtures list all components separately and their respective percentages.
Enter Flow Rate:




Default units are in standard cubic centimeters per minute (sccm)

Convert higher flow rates to s (i.e. 2 slpm is 2000 SCCM)

Enter Inlet pressure:




Units can be in psig or barg

Note final part descriptions will call out psig.

Enter Outlet pressure:




Units can be psig, barg or torr for vacuum conditions.

Note that atmosphere is the default if no pressure is specified.

Enter Flow Accuracy if different than standard +/-&5:




+/- 7% of flow value is standard.

If tighter accuracy is required please specify:


Standard Hardware configuration (Check one)
□  5140-1/4-SS Series ¼ inch male to male VCR union, 316LSS, 10 RA, EP.
□  5140-1/2-SS Series ½ inch male to male VCR union, 316LSS, 10 RA, EP
□  5140P-1/4-SS Series ¼ inch male to Female VCR union 316LSS, 10 RA, EP
□  5100-1/4-SS Series ¼ inch compression tube union
□  5150-1/4-SS Series ¼ inch tube stub (1.5 Inch length of ¼ 316L SS, EP tubing)
Custom Hardware configuration
□  5190S-1/4-SS Series



S=manufacturer and part number for fitting.

Please provide fitting manufacturer’s name and part number:


Surface mount Flow Restrictor Hardware configuration (Check one)
□  GSMR-20-1, 2C 1.125 in2 spool piece C seal, 2 port, restrictor in center port
□  GSMR-20-1, 2S 1.125 in2 spool piece C seal, 2 port, restrictor in side port
□  GSMR-20-1, 3C 1.125 in2 spool piece C seal, 3 port, restrictor in center port
□  GSMR-20-1, 3S 1.125 in2 spool piece C seal, 3 port, restrictor in side port
□  GSMR-10-1, 2C 1.125 in2 stand alone C seal, 2 port, restrictor in center port


Other Considerations:

Please list any other performance criteria or hardware considerations that you want to incorporate into your flow restrictor application. 














Name & title of person filling out form: please print



Signature of person filling out form                                                               Date          


Section to be filled in by Mott Corporation

Based upon the above criteria the part description use in the Mott ERP systems will be listed to the right. For new parts customers can order using this description. Part Description


The CPN is a distinct part number to the Mott ERP system. This is the part number that distributors will order the parts by. For new parts the CPN is created only after the initial order is received. MOTT CPN Number:


Mott Representative name and date: