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Drug Delivery Flow Elements

Pharmaceutical or medical device companies seek new ways to deliver their drug molecules to patients.  For drugs that require frequent injection or dosage, may cause elevated plasma toxicity levels, or are looking for a competitive advantage in the marketplace with a new delivery mode – our technology can help.  Through passive diffusion, we can control drug flow rates to achieve a therapeutic dosing window for 6 months or more at a time in an implantable package.


Controlled Release Testing with Proven Membrane Technology by Mott

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    Literature & Data Sheets

    Typical Applications

    Low Flow Drug Delivery

    Managing extremely low flows for the release of therapeutic agents to optimize patient outcomes, Mott can customize delivery devices to meet specific requirements.

    Implantable Controlled Release Drug Delivery Testing

    Let Mott conduct your initial drug diffusion feasibility studies to guide the design criteria for your next generation controlled release drug delivery technology.

    Lab and Engineering Services

    Dealing with a complex, critical application? Use our engineers and scientists for your project.

    Capabilities Brochure

    Learn more about the different products and applications Mott has solved over our 60 year history.

    Product Specs

    Drug Flow Rates

    Our passive diffusion membranes can be customized to a range of porosity and dimensions to meet drug delivery flow rate requirements and concentration over time.  Therapeutic window can be maintained consistently for extended periods.

    Flow Accuracy

    Achieve consistent zero-order drug flow for extended periods at tight dose standard deviation

    Device Hardware

    Assemble your flow element into an array of hardware options


    Biocompatible Titanium and 316L Stainless Steel proven for implantation

    Custom alloys and materials available upon request, consult engineering

    Our Design Capabilities

    • Customizable, ultra-small dimensions for implantable requirements
    • Integrated device concept manufacturing for proof of concept trials or transition to production
    • Extensive partner network for new materials

    Relevant Services

    Drug Diffusion Testing – If you need data packages or flow feasibility testing for your molecule or device concept, we’re happy to work with you.

    Computational Fluid Dynamics – If you would like to model your process fluids interaction with your Mott requested part, ask your Mott representative how we can model it using CFD software.

    Additive Manufacturing – Controlled Porosity 3D printing can integrated hardware and drug flow elements in a single print.