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Propellant Filters

Mott has customized various propulsion and fluid management technologies for mission critical spacecraft applications through joint projects with partners in the space community.  Our experience with 3dp propellant filter design allows quick prototype turnaround, flexibility for complex designs, and integration of porous and solid technology without welds. These lightweight solutions are available in a variety of materials such as titanium or stainless steel depending on the fluid and application requirements.

Information Request

Call us at 860.747.6333, or submit an information request form and someone will get back to you within 48 hours.

Literature & Data Sheets

Typical Applications

  • Propellant filters
  • Hydrazine feed system filters
  • Injector diffuser screens
  • Catalyst bed retainer screens

Propellant Filters for Space

Mott propellant and helium filters protect critical components from motion wear particulate and propellant trace contamination.

Propellant Filter Application Data Sheet

Send us your propellant filter specifications and requirements for custom designs.

Product Specs

Materials of Construction
  • Titanium 6AI4V (Gr.5)
  • 316L Stainless Steel
  • Nickel
Standard Testing Performed
  • Filtration Efficiency
  • Proof
  • Bubble Point
  • Mass
  • Flow vs Pressure Drop
  • Helium Leak
Application Sizes
  • Micro: less than 10 kg
  • Small: 10 to 100 kg
  • Med: 500 to 1000 kg
  • Large: great than 1000 kg

We specialize in custom designs.

Operating Pressures: -14.7 to 10,000 psig (-1 to 689 barg)
Operating Temp: -100° to 700°F (-73° to 371°C)
Particle Removal: MIL-STD-1246 (10-25µ ABS Filtration)
Leak Testing: ≤ 1.0E-6 sccs GHe
Environmental Testing: Goddard Standard GSFC-STD-7000
Flow vs Pressure Drop: 0.5 lb­/s to 7 lb/s at <15 psid
Wetted Cleanliness: Per IEST-STD-CC1246E
MEOP: 1,000 psig*
Proof: 1,500 psig*
Burst: 2,500 psig*

*Standard pressure capabilities. High pressure designs available dependent on application requirements.

Structural Qualification
  • Propellant pressure drop requirements at injector
  • Vibration and shock analysis
  • Heat transfer characteristics
  • Pressure rated to >20,000 psi

Our Design Capabilities

From designing the filter to testing samples, we can provide validation data on your filtration solution of choice.

Application Engineering – Need consultation on your design? Our team of application engineers are ready to help you determine the right textile filters for your design. With decades of experience working with the world’s largest technical and performance brands, we’re eager to solve complex problems with you.

Customer Innovation Center – We enjoy working with customers on complex projects. In fact, we’ve dedicated an entire facility to it. Want to join us for various lab testing and engineering consultation sessions? Join us at our Customer Innovation Center in Connecticut to develop a solution for your unique application.

Rapid Prototyping Cell – Trying to determine the feasibility of your design as fast as possible? Use our rapid prototyping cell to turn around prototypes in as little as 2 weeks. Our engineers will work with equipment similar to our manufacturing facility to provide you with a manufacturable, economical design.

Additive Manufacturing – If you’re looking for the most uniform porosity or a non-traditional design, look no further than working with out porous 3D printing team. We can create controlled porosity designs with various density gradients in non-traditional shapes to satisfy the most unique design request. Our technology allows us to print parts with both solid and porous in a single print cycle.

Relevant Services

Design Expertise – From start to finish, we customize solutions based on your design parameters – challenge us!

Fluid Modeling – Our extensive applications have built a library of data to increase the accuracy of our flow models to provide initial performance and feasibility estimates prior to building prototypes.

Extensive Partner Network – If a material is not listed or capability not in-house, we maintain an extensive network of partners for new material procurement, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and validation testing.

Engineering Support – Utilize our expert project engineers to consult your process and design the right filter elements to maximize flow and particle capture.

Lab Testing – If you need data packages or feasibility testing for your part prior to installation, we’re happy to work with you. We’ll use our lab center to perform various characterization and performance tests to ensure your parts are meeting strict specifications.

Computational Fluid Dynamics – If you would like to model your process fluids interaction with a Mott part, ask your Mott representative how we can use CFD software.